Pro Wrestling in 2015 – Highlights of the Season

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The next season of pro wrestling will be more than just a few more months in the future. FOX Sports is about to begin offering an impressive slate of events in 2015 that will see the return of a large roster of performers and a number of storylines involving the organization and its partners. The following is a look at the highlights to be found in what promises to be an exciting return of pro wrestling in 2015.

The latest name to be added to the Power Rangers lineup is “The World”. Not content with just providing a name that evokes an older time when pro wrestling was in its heyday, this newest Power Rangers team is also the first in the franchise to include a woman. The latest addition to The World (and one of the oldest in the roster) is the power house power lady, “Cindy Moonves”.

The former Ms. Olympia contestant has always been a fan favorite due to her ability to get under the skin of the most powerful man in the world, The King of King, The Hurricane. The new addition to the roster from The King of King, “Momo The Lion”, is not afraid to have her hands in the pie. If she can’t take the title, her next opponent will be a woman and it will be a memorable one.

In addition to the familiar faces, there will be new faces on The World as well. According to a recent report out of Orlando, Florida, “The World” has signed two of the most well known names in wrestling.

Powerhouse veteran, “Krazy”, will be facing off against “Big”, who is one of the most popular heels in the industry. Former World Champion, “The World”, is also being added to the roster. The former champ will look to make a comeback in his home country of Canada, but will have the help of “Momo The Lion” to do so. The second addition is an American veteran who is a big fan of the British Bulldogs, in the form of “Mr. Perfect”, best known for defeating the former British Champion, “Perfect”, last year.

The World is also getting two new talents.


With an intense schedule ahead this weekend, there’s no question that the rivalry between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Blackhawks will be a huge one. The two best teams in the NHL have already fought each other to the extent that it can easily be seen as a rivalry. Now, it’s possible that a matchup between the two top-ranked teams could be the deciding factor in the Penguins’ upcoming series versus Chicago. After all, in the last game between Pittsburgh and Chicago (Game 6), the Penguins were able to use their power play to take the game to overtime, and they’ve been able to do so on three straight occasions since. On the other hand, the Blackhawks are coming off their best series of the season, as they defeated the Vancouver Canucks in seven games in overtime last weekend. If the Blackhawks can take the series, they’ll have a tough task ahead of them. This is also a big game for the Wild, as they’ll be coming off a huge victory over defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh. However, there’s a very good chance that the series could come down to the wire, as it can be very likely that a win could change the outcome of the series, as each team has a distinct style of play. The Penguins are considered to be a power play team during play, while the Blackhawks are a penalty-killing team during play. In this preview, we will be covering all about all those elements that can be seen as being important to each team, starting with how each team plays in order to make that judgment.

The key to these games is for the Penguins to capitalize on their power play opportunities and be successful in the face-off circle. Pittsburgh’s power play is something that they excel at. In fact, it’s arguably one of their strengths that can make up for their inconsistent play during the regular season. In addition, the Penguins have been fortunate enough to play against Pittsburgh during the playoffs, as they’ve been able to take advantage of their offensive prowess in that particular game to take some of the pressure off of their stars.

The Countdown and Inside Fury vs. Wilder III Series

This will be FOX’s first ever three-round fight card for Fury vs. FOX Sports will televise the fight in the United States and broadcast fight cards live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on FOX Sports 1.

Wilder II is one of the most anticipated fights in recent memory for fans of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The fight will pit two-time Olympic gold medalist, former UFC champion, and UFC Hall of Famer, Stipe Miocic (7-4, 1-2), against one of the greatest fighters to come out of Europe, the ex-WEC champion, Wilder (13-2-1, 4-0). Many will be anticipating an exciting fight that will test the will of both fighters by showing what each is capable of. Both men have great power, some even compare them to the most well-rounded fighters in the history of the sport. However, their styles are not mutually exclusive. Neither is going to stop at taking strikes. Both are going to try and see if they can punch out of a clinch, then go and kick each other in the head. Both are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division.

The fight is going to also be a fight of styles. For a fighter like Stipe, the weight class he is fighting in is very important. The weight limit in the UFC is 185 pounds. Stipe is a 7-3, 1-2 guy who fought for six years in the UFC and won three times in the UFC. The former Strikeforce champion has had a very solid run in the UFC and is likely more known around the world than many other fighters who have entered the sport. The fighter has spent his career winning against all of the heavyweights, and has a reputation for being a smart fighter who isn’t afraid to mix in the occasional jab. In terms of style, Stipe is the most complete athlete in the game. He has elite technique, but is not afraid to mix in some hard work on the ground. The guy has the strength and power to take opponents down while being able to also land some quick power punches as well. The biggest asset the Stipe has is the skill. There is no one who can do it better.

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