1 Million Cups – An In-Person Startup Networking Event

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Welcome to the first ever 1 Million Cups, an “in-person” startup networking event hosted by Netflix. This event is designed to bring together the tech and startup communities, to create new opportunities and connections to help drive Netflix-enabled growth in these areas. Here is the overview of what is to come.

The main purpose of the event is to bring together the tech and startup communities, to create new opportunities and connections to help drive Netflix-enabled growth in these areas. The main goal is to provide a platform to connect startups and start-ups, both in the US and outside, to each other and to Netflix. We hope everyone who has an interest in joining this event will do so.

Please let us know in the future if we can help you out with anything.

Please join us at 9:00am UTC on Wednesday, February 13th from 10:00am UTC on Saturday. The event is not open to the public, the only public attendance will be at the end of the event at about 11:30am UTC on Thursday, February 14, 2019, at the venue location.

The Silicon Valley has become a hotspot for startups of all sizes. Some of the largest companies in the world are located in the Valley. Companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and more. We expect this to continue to trend higher in the future. The Tech Community and the Silicon Valley Tech Industry is a great place to work, to meet with new people, and to learn new tech.

This is the time where a bunch of new young and brilliant people come to tech and to the start-ups. This is where you can learn new things and you can grow your network with everyone.

1 Million Cups Des Moines in-person programming

The 1 Million Cups event is a full-day community startup event that includes networking, networking events, and networking programming. This event is an in-person networking and programming event.

The 1 Million Cups event is an in-person networking event. It will provide a space where technology and startups can come together and meet each other. This event is a chance for people to come and network with each other, and see a few of those people in person, as well. The event will take place on July 26th & 27th in the Des Moines area at the Cedar Rapids Convention Center. This event is open to the public as well as the members of the startup community.

The 1 Million Cups events will attract thousands of people from across the USA, from all economic backgrounds, and will give an opportunity for new users of social media to meet and connect with people looking to start or build their own startup.

The 1 Million Cups event is also a time to look forward with confidence to 2017 being the start of a new year. With the coming new year comes a growing interest for networking events that give you a chance to talk to and meet people in a relaxed setting and not on the bus or subway. There will be lots of social interaction, which makes networking a time for individuals and companies to meet and get to know each other. Networking events like 1 Million Cups will give you a comfortable environment to network.

Networking events such as 1Million Cups will give new users of social media with an opportunity to connect with others from around the world in a relaxed setting without feeling pressured to meet new people face to face. These events will give you a space to talk to the entrepreneurs, developers, and technology leaders, as well.

1 Million Cups will give networking opportunities to people of all financial backgrounds, and bring together people from around the world to share ideas and experiences and get to know each other.

1 Million Cups

The event is organized by 1 Million Cups, and is hosted by the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Network.

The following is a link to the event page.

“Cups – a new way to network. 1 Million Cups is launching a new event in Silicon Valley. They host small, in-person gatherings where people of all ages, from Silicon Valley to Los Angeles, come together to start and grow a business. In just three short classes, we’ll work on launching your fledgling business and grow it. Your experience will be valuable down the line and your new business will flourish along with you. ” More details and registration link to the event page.

When 1 Million Cups decided to host their event, the team asked for ideas. After thinking about the possibilities, the team realized that a cup-based event would be a great fit. They saw that, “Cups are already a global movement. It’s been well established for years across the world to help people find love, friends and mentors. And there’s something about a cup that people seem to like a lot. If the cup concept appeals to you, then a cup event is the perfect place to connect with your co-founder, and potentially get help with your idea or project. You may also learn how to take on a new business, and help others on your team. We welcome you to this new business start event.

Cups are a global movement to help people find love. And while your cup and your cup business are both great, we’d love to know more about you. Would you like to know more about what you can learn from your co-founder, as well as what you think about the importance of networking? Please let us know your thoughts and we can discuss them, and answer any questions you may have.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Cup event in Silicon Valley.

The team is making the event happen and hopes they’ll get a lot of business. They’ve been thinking about it for some time now and the Cup event is an awesome way to start networking.

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