Miraval Resorts Arts Program

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The health and wellness of visitors is a top priority for Miraval Resorts. Guests and workers who visit our hotels and resorts must participate in a variety of health and wellness programs. Since 2008, we have been developing a wellness-focused arts program to promote wellness, as well as a variety of artistic and performing programs for guests.

We are pleased to announce the inaugural Miraval Resorts Arts Program. Our guests will have the opportunity to perform original works in their own back yard or on the beach. Guests will also receive the opportunity to share their art and artwork with the community and our guests and employees.

We are excited to share the first step to the art program. Our guest artists are now able to show off their creativity in the back yard of our beautiful resort. You will be able to see art works from a variety of artists, ranging from local artists to artists from throughout the country and around the world. The back yard garden of our lovely resort will be the setting for our new art program, with art and entertainment for our guests and employees.

We expect that we will have a well-curated gallery of works from our artists throughout the year. You can check your email or phone for updates on artist progress.

If you are interested in exhibiting your art, please contact me directly with your artist information.

The Santa’s Backyard Holiday Art Sale will be held on Sunday, December 31st at our Miraval Resort Spa poolside in honor of the annual Santa’s Backyard holiday celebration.

The Miraval Santa’s Backyard Holiday Art Sale begins at 8 am on December 31, then each day throughout the week there will be new pieces of artwork to view as gifts. The sale will continue through February. In addition, the sale will make a donation to the Santa’s Backyard nonprofit organization. Donations will be accepted over the phone or by mail.

For more information, please email me at [email protected] com or use the link below.

Thank you for considering the Miraval Resort to be your home away from home.

The Miraval Celebration of the Arts

This website is dedicated to the promotion and celebration of the arts, the arts of the people and of the city of Miraval, the city of Quebec City. It is also dedicated to the education of the arts by promoting its participation and engagement on the cultural activities of the people and the city. By inviting and encouraging those individuals and groups with an interest in arts, especially artists working in the visual and performing arts, and particularly artists from Quebec City, Miraval and the surrounding area, to participate in the Miraval events, we hope to contribute to the development of new artistic experiences and to provide opportunities for the artists of Quebec City and beyond to have a more dynamic artistic experience, to create a sense of community and pride, to create bonds with the people and to create opportunities for the artist and audience to engage freely in artistic activities.

A series of celebrations will be planned and organised between January 8 and 14, 2018, featuring events and programmes related to the arts, visual art, music and the city in general. These celebrations will take place in Quebec City, and they will be organised and coordinated by the arts-education and arts-development section of the Council of Miraval.

The annual festival of the arts of the city of Miraval will take place on January 8–14, 2018 at the city’s main square, the Place du Portneuf and the Square du Centre. This event includes performances, musical performances, live music, a fashion show and a children’s show.

The annual festival of the arts of the city of Miraval will take place on January 8–14, 2018 at the city’s main square, the Place du Portneuf and the Square du Centre. This event includes performances, musical performances, live music, a fashion show and a children’s show. The festival will be organised in collaboration with arts-education and arts-development, which will be working in concert with the city mayor and other officials.

The Festival of the arts of the city of Miraval will be organised by Miraval’s association of artists, the Association des Artistes Miraquéens.

Mindful Mandala Rock Painting at Miraval Austin

Miraval Resorts to Host Wellness-Focuses Arts Program Austin’s second art exhibit, Miraval’s Wellness-Focuses program, aims to introduce Austin’s creative classes to a broader audience, while also encouraging a deeper understanding between those participating and those observing these classes. The program features art classes and lectures that will explore diverse aspects of the human condition and help participants develop a deeper connection with the inner essence of their own self and spirit. The classes can be viewed in various locations around Austin; the exhibition is currently running at Miraval Resorts in Austin. Miraval’s Wellness-Focuses program highlights works by artists such as Niki Cibine, Jonathan Brown, Michael J. Williams, and James Schlemmer.

We are pleased to have an artist guest at Miraval Resort this year for the Art Series Arts Program. Miraval’s Wellness-Focuses program will feature an eclectic mix of artwork created by Miraval’s artists and teachers, as well as an art class and talk by Miraval’s guest and artist, Niki Cibine. This is the second year for the Art Series Arts Program at Miraval Resorts. The Art Series Arts Program is a series of educational art classes that brings together some of Miraval’s most talented artists and teachers in an open, supportive, and often inspiring setting. This year I will be moderating.

I am so glad to be speaking at Miraval this year! I look forward to working with you and these talented artists to educate, entertain and inspire you as we explore the wonders of life and the human spirit.

The Art Series is a multi-generational artistic event. The art classes and classes are presented as part of an interactive, and often meditative, process. We invite artists to come to our facility to see, touch, and learn, and we engage the participants in conversation about their art, why they are making it, and their process of doing it. We also invite the artists into the classrooms to work with participants, and have the participants and instructors collaborate in the creative process to create art projects and artwork. This year Miraval will be offering the Art Series Arts Program.

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