What Is a Post-Cease Trading Event?

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The Canadian Venture Exchange is reporting that on Wednesday, December 17, the exchange’s board of directors voted to postpone the exchange’s stock redemption for the year. The reason the board of directors cited being the fact that “the exchange does not have the funds to conduct this year’s redemption. ” Although the exchange is expected to remain closed until next month, the board did not disclose the exact amount of the delay.

As noted, the exchange’s board of directors postponed the exchange’s stock redemption this year due to the pending liquidity shortfall and the fact that they had insufficient funds to conduct the exchange’s stock redemption. However, it is still anticipated that the exchange will remain closed until the fall.

In addition to not having money for this year’s redemption, the exchange’s board of directors stated that as they did not have sufficient funds to redeem all the exchange’s shares, they would not be able to meet their redemption obligations for this year.

A post-cease trading event is a public announcement about plans to cease trading in an investment instrument. As such, it is an event that occurs whenever a company issues financial terms or conditions that are not in place at the time a company issues the financial terms or conditions. Often when a company issues a post-cease trading event, it announces the company’s planned business and financial restructuring, even though any actions that could be expected would be at the company’s discretion.

In the case of the Canadian Venture Exchange’s recent stock redemption, the reasons used to postpone the exchange’s stock redemption are the same reason as the company’s recent stock-issue announcement. Although the exchange may have planned on issuing an end of year dividend or share repurchase offering, the delayed stock redemption is something that is not scheduled for this year, and it is likely to cause a material decline in the exchange’s stock price.

In addition, the exchange postponed its stock redemption for the first time since December, indicating that they may be planning similar events in the future.

What you should know is that a post-cease trading event is different than an end-of-year dividend or share repurchase offering.


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Purchase warrant - 5,312,360 Premium flow-through units

Purchase warrant – 5,312,360 Premium flow-through units

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Market participation in the shares of the TSX Venture Exchange

Market participation in the shares of the TSX Venture Exchange

The stock price of the TSX Venture Exchange has fluctuated wildly over the last year. Between April 4, 2010, when we announced the change to our index for the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) Index, and October 8, 2011, we announced a one-time stock split to give us 4. 5 percentage points more than the previous index. By our normal one-time stock splits, we would have been giving the TSXV Index up to 35 points during the two years it had been active. We will now be giving the TSXV Index up to 50 points over that period.

Should the TSXV Index have reached 50 points a year from the end of this month, the stock price of the TSXV would have had to have gone through the roof or would have been capped at 33. 7 of the TSXV Index.

What does it mean for you and your business if the TSXV Index were to go from 50 points a year to 33.

We have been talking to our board of directors to determine if there is room for additional adjustments to the index.

At the end of this year, the TSXV Index will continue to be available on our website and in our application to the Canadian Exchange Commission. We have also been in contact with a number of the major brokerage houses to determine what their thoughts are on the index.

With this information about the index available, we will be talking to members of our board to determine if they wish to participate in the index. Based on our conversation with our board last night, we will determine whether or not to make the changes we have mentioned above.

The Board of Directors will consider the information that has been gathered and will consider whether to change the index at any time before December 31, 2012.

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