The New “Shameless” Drama

The New “Shameless” Drama

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In a little more than 10 years, the Warner Bros. TV drama “Vicar,” starring “Desperate Housewives” star Vicki Dummer and produced by E!’s “Shameless” creator Scott Wolf, had earned more than 90 hours of primetime air time — a television record for a scripted drama that was first-ever scripted for the premium cable network. “Vicar” (“Vidar”) earned a total of $50,741,000 in its first two months of broadcast, topping the $26 million mark, according to research from The Nielsen Company.

Warner’s most ambitious scripted project — so far — is the half-hour drama “Vicar for Hire,” which comes from E! ’s original producer, the WGA-backed “Shameless. ” The first episode of the project, “The Viceroy,” debuted in June on TNT, CBS, and ABC, and has already produced more than 40 hours of episode air time on the broadcast network. The second episode, “The Viceroy’s Wife,” is still scheduled for “Shameless’s” network premiere in September.

The first half hour of the project in particular has not only been a big hit on all three networks, but it has also earned an overall rating of 6. 8 on the networks, and a 22 percent share in viewers. A second season of “Vicar” is currently slated to premiere in the fall on TNT and CBS, and is currently in the works. The drama is scheduled to run for three seasons.

In addition to the high-quality show being developed outside the studio system, there are two reasons one should take note of the latest installment of the “Shameless” drama series.

The reunion of Vicki Dummer and Channing Dungey.

The recent reunion of Vicki Dummer and Channing Dungey, both of whom had a short time at The CW in 2003, was the subject of an article in Variety magazine. Dummer, whose previous appearances on the network were short-lived, was asked “How much of the charm and charm-worthiness of being Vicki Dummer has been lost in the seven years since we last saw each other?” Dungey, who is said to possess a “charm,” was then asked about being both Channing Dungey and Vicki Dummer, and whether he was more Channing Dungey than Vicki Dummer. The article discusses how the reunion was handled by both cast members and the network.

After months of speculation surrounding a reunion between Vicki Dummer and Channing Dungey, it was confirmed today that the two have been set to reunite for the CW’s new fall reboot of The Vampire Diaries, titled The 100. While no further details are known, The 50,000th Name is among the rumored names on the list. However, the actress in question is currently unconfirmed.

Vicki Dummer (born November 16, 1979) and Channing Dungey (born March 19, 1982) were both cast in the role of Elena in The 100. A third actor, Kevin Keller, was added to the cast this spring. The actor is said to be a part of the show’s production team and will play the part of Matthew. When the show began, its cast has been previously rumored to include Sarah Drew, who appeared during a flashback in 2006’s Flashback, and Scott Speedman.

The 100, the series will premiere January 1, 2013.

In New York City, the vampire race is decimated by the disease of centuries, but Stefan Salvatore, a vampire hunter, has discovered a cure for the disease, and is trying to make his mark in the world. With the assistance of his old friend Damon Salvatore, he sets out to rescue the remaining vampires in New York.

When one of Damon’s friends, Katherine Zane, is discovered to be a vampire, Stefan must face his past.

WBTV Creative Aspects

WBTV Creative Aspects

The following is a list of WBTV channels and programming, along with the channel’s description, current channel information and the schedule/channel list, showing what WBTV is currently broadcasting at the address indicated.

WBTV’s channel listing is available on its own website.

A Conversation with Vicki Dungey of Warner Bros. Television

A Conversation with Vicki Dungey of Warner Bros. Television

Vicki Dungey: Warner Bros. Television, the Warner Bros. Television Television division, is located within the Warner Bros. Parks, Movie & Theatre Group & is responsible for the production, programming and development of the Warner Bros. Television and the Warner Bros. Animation television brands. Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros. Animation produce a vast variety of animated series & movies and in addition to the successful series like “Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them” are also developing new series & films. The division also has one of the largest collections of animation in the world. Warner Bros. Television also has several film divisions – including Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros. Animation in addition to the production division; WDC, Warner Bros. Documentary Films and Warner Bros. Other notable Warner Bros. divisions are WDC Films and Warner Bros. At Warner Bros. Television, Vicki Dungey is a Senior Vice President of Series Production and Development with responsibility for Warner Bros. Television’s television and animation brands. Vicki is responsible for program development and executive production of series, specials and documentaries. This position is also home to Warner Bros. Television’s animation development. Vicki is responsible for the development and production of new series, as well as, special presentations for WDC Films. She also works closely with film and television crews on film and series. Vicki was previously President of Series Production at Disney Television Animation. Vicki was recently promoted to Senior Vice President of Series Production at Warner Bros. Animation and also has been promoted to Senior Vice President for Animation Development with responsibility for the animation and character development at Warner Bros. Vicki joined the Warner Bros. Television team from Twentieth Century Fox Television, where she was responsible for the development of the studio’s television studio. Vicki has been with the studio for 13 years and joined Fox in the summer of 1998. Prior to joining Fox, Vicki worked as a Production Engineer at Columbia Pictures in New York City before moving on to the studio’s animation studio. Vicki’s background includes working in television animation on episodes of several animated series, including Family Guy, BoJack Horseman, Adventure Time, and Regular Show. At Fox, Vicki supervised the development of the television studio’s television and animation programming.

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Spread the loveIn a little more than 10 years, the Warner Bros. TV drama “Vicar,” starring “Desperate Housewives” star Vicki Dummer and produced by E!’s “Shameless” creator Scott Wolf, had earned more than 90 hours of primetime air time — a television record for a scripted drama that was first-ever scripted for the premium cable…

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