Six Prominent Edge Computing Companies Named for The Edge Summit

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We are pleased to announce that we have named six prominent edge computing companies as our top contenders in the next edition of The Edge Summit, to be held in Palo Alto, California, in mid-March. These companies represent various points of views on edge computing, which is where edge-based components and services are built. We are very excited to see that they have come together to make a difference in the industries they purport to be for, with companies like IBM, VMware and HP all coming together to showcase edge computing and edge computing related technologies and innovations.

IBM’s vision for edge computing includes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to providing reliable, scalable applications for all types of devices: connected homes and business, smart cities and industrial applications, and connected cars and industry-specific devices. For example, to help address the growing threat of attacks on networked home devices, IBM has developed new software tools to improve the security of these devices by monitoring, analyzing and filtering network traffic, and helping the end-user to better protect themselves.

One way that IBM is using this new technology to help protect devices, and potentially people, is through the use of machine-based virtualization, or KVM. KVM is an interface technology used to bridge two or more OSes by using an operating system virtualization layer. IBM’s KVM software will enable KVM clients to run applications on the various types of devices that are being managed and also to control the devices from the KVM host.

For example, a typical system that might be managed as a virtual machine would be an OS-based personal computer running Windows, a Linux OS (Red Hat, Debian, or Ubuntu), and a web-based application server. The KVM software would allow these virtual machines to run on these different kinds of devices on a common platform (or cloud), which makes the virtual machines compatible with the different devices of the network.

Another example of the KVM technology is a smart home. A home system could run a remote management system, such as Z-Wave, and a device such as a thermostat that would be controlled with the smart home system and could be equipped with a KVM interface.

How Edge Computing Will Be Pushed to the Very Edge

My name is Ben Hecker, and I’m on a mission to provide you with the most comprehensive list of the Top Edge Computing Companies of the Year of 2021. From the first time I read the article “Top Edge Computing Companies – Here’s the Top”, to this moment, I have seen and participated in your work and projects, all within the last 12 months.

To help make this process more enjoyable and rewarding, I’ve gone back to my core mission and mission to make this process simple and accessible for all of you.

Below is the list of the Top Edge Computing Companies of the Year of 2021.

The list of the Top Edge Computing Companies of the Year of 2021 and below is a list of the companies that were selected in the process of the selection. Every single selection was based on each organization having at least 150 engineers or 15-20 million dollars to raise in order to participate in the Top Edge Computing Company selection.

The following list is organized in chronological order to show the evolution from the earliest beginnings of Edge Computing, from the first major companies participating in the Edge Computing Company Competition, to current Edge Computing companies.

A Survey of Affirmed Cloud Edge Computing Providers

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