Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks 2019 Predictions

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Hawks-Bucks 2019 Odds.

The NBA Playoffs will get under way in Milwaukee on Monday (March 22) and Atlanta on Saturday (March 26), but both teams are likely to have a lot to prove. The Hawks had a great start to the series. After a loss in Utah on Wednesday night, the Hawks are only three wins away from clinching home-court advantage for the seventh-straight postseason meeting. That’s pretty impressive considering how much the Hawks have underachieved this season. While losing to the Wizards on Saturday night doesn’t seem like a big deal, Atlanta needs to be careful not to overpay for a potential championship.

But Atlanta will be without big man Michael Beasley, whose season ended with a stress fracture to his left leg after suffering the injury in Washington on Saturday. The team also has center Al Horford, the only player on the roster with double-digit rebounds and blocks in 2019-20.

As for Milwaukee, the Bucks are currently 11-10 under coach Mike Budenholzer. They’ve won three games in each of their last four contests and are just one game behind the Atlanta Hawks for the final Eastern Conference playoff spot. The Bucks are one of the most surprising teams in the playoffs after falling to New York in that Eastern Conference first-round series last year.

For the Hawks, their first matchup with the Bucks comes in Atlanta’s home opener. Atlanta is 6-1 in games at their new arena and will be playing in front of the 76ers’ home fans.

As for Milwaukee, the Bucks are 5-7 at home in the regular season but have a 3-1 series record in their last four games at the United Center. The Bucks are 8-4 in games in Atlanta and are averaging 88. 5 points per game and shooting 60. 8 percent outside the arc.

The 76ers are 6-2 at home in the playoffs and currently hold a two-game lead over the Milwaukee Bucks in their regular season series. The Bucks have averaged 107. 2 points per game in their series at the United Center while the 76ers are shooting just 36. 4 percent at the charity stripe. The 76ers will have their home opener on Monday (March 22).

Predictions for Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks by SportsLine.

Predictions for Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks by SportsLine.

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Today, we will predict the outcome of the basketball betting between the Bucks and the Hawks in Atlanta.

Hawks beat Bucks by 2.

Bucks won by 1.

Bucks won by 1.

Bucks won by 2.

The Bucks vs. Hawks Over-Under.

The Bucks are in a slump. They are losing games they should be winning. They are not making the playoffs. No doubt about it.

The Bucks are in a slump. They are losing games they should be winning by 15 points or more — and they’re winning, too.

But they are making the playoffs.

They’re currently tied for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. And they have beaten the Celtics in the first round, and they have beaten the Hawks in the semifinals. They were a legitimate threat to win the East the past decade, and they are on the verge of a historic run.

They are not making the playoffs.

Maybe the Hawks had a couple of weeks of sleep and were mentally drained. But they were playing so well, and they were getting so many chances.

The Bucks just can’t seem to stay healthy, and this is a huge problem. Milwaukee has not shown they can keep up their elite level of play — or they won’t make the playoffs.

Let’s look at the stats for the Bucks over the last five games.

The Bucks started the games with their best player, Brook Lopez, out for the season with a torn Achilles. Brook had been averaging 27. 3 points per game and shooting 62 percent from the field for the season.

But then they lost their starting point guard, Robert Horry, who broke his foot in the first quarter of a loss to the Magic last week. Jared Dudley, who was acquired late in the season and has struggled since then, had a solid game with nine points and a four-point outing.

The other key guys on the floor — the Bucks have had a glut of role players — were Kyle Kuzma for the first four games, and Andre Miller for five of those. In the other four games, the Bucks had no consistent playmaker (and not a lot of shooters) — and they really struggled shooting.

In the last five games, the Bucks have shot 47. 7 percent (which is in the top 20 in the league in shooting and is among the best shooting in the NBA).

How to Make Bucks vs. Hawks Picks.

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