EA, Tencent Sign Deal to Put TV-Style Commercials in Video Games

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EA, Tencent Sign Deal to Put TV-Style Commercials in Video Games.

In recent years, video games have exploded into an entertainment industry larger than Hollywood could have ever imagined. Now, the studios and publishers are pushing for the next generation of games that will play more like what you might see on TV or on a popular broadcast network, much like we see on TV today. One of the more innovative things that video games have been doing is putting a television version of the games in your game. So far, this seems to be a fairly unique feature for video games compared to what is currently offered for movies.

The main difference is that a television commercial will always be prepping for your viewing experience, unlike a movie where you have to go watch the actual movie. That is the reason why movie studios have started offering trailers and previews as a new feature for movies. Most people are not aware that the trailers for movies are not part of the movie. In fact, even though the trailers are supposed to be there for the movie, most people still skip them for movies.

This feature is known as “promotional” feature. These “promotional” or ‘trailer’ commercials are a huge part of the movie industry, since you only see them in movies that have massive budgets, and many studios want to capitalize on making your viewing experience as good as possible. In the past, these trailers could have been full of funny commercials or a horror movie. This time, it is a TV show or TV show-like commercial that is aimed at appealing to your viewing needs.

You just can’t get more “TV” than that. We are sure you are all wondering who will be doing this type of commercial based on what you think.

EA is the top-tier game publisher. Over the past decade, the company has grown from a small video game developer into the biggest one by volume. EA is now a company famous for making popular games such as Madden NFL, FIFA, UFC, and Origin. The company is also behind video games such as Battlefield, Need for Speed, and Mass Effect 3.

PlayerWON: Bringing TV-like Commercials to Video Games

EA and Tencent are bringing a new type of advertising to video games and TV commercials. While they are no doubt excited, they have been known to shy away from bold statements like this. But there’s definitely an opportunity here for them. As I’ve noted before, companies like Hulu and Amazon have done it before and the commercials have been successful. With EA and Tencent, we could see a TV-style ad, and it could go a long way to making this more appealing for game publishers. It’s one thing that this industry has been lacking in the past decade. The fact that we have seen so many companies trying to do some form of television-like ad during games is a win for everyone.

Since the beginning of the industry, video games have had an ad campaign for a variety of reasons. Early, there was a real need for a way for gamers to connect with each other and show off their accomplishments. There was little money coming in from traditional business channels. With these factors no longer there, EA and Tencent stepped in. The game publishers would only receive a fraction of the $90 million+ they received last year from selling their games. This was the chance to bring in a lot of money and connect the gamers. The new ad format was born.

For the consumer who hasn’t played a video game before, getting a new game at home would be a whole new experience. From the moment you start playing the game, getting an ad will be a great way to bring in new gamers. As you continue to play, the ads start, you can keep them coming. After a while, you see them, you are going to keep watching each video ad, and you will go from one to another as your play session progresses.

In an industry that has tried everything to bring in gamers, EA and Tencent have done something new. They are bringing a TV-style ad that is similar to commercials that companies have used before.

Is Interstitial Advertising Popular on Mobile Devices?

In their latest move, the two companies have signed a deal to put television commercials across the video games. The company will produce commercials for both the EA Franchise and Tencent’s Tencent Interactive Entertainment, which is releasing new IPs in this year and next which, according to the companies, will be a “massive hit” with mobile gamers. However, while the commercial will be placed in games, the main part of the commercials will be placed for the Tencent Appstore, in which you will be able to see the commercials for the mobile game.

EA and Tencent have come a long way with this collaboration. The former has been doing commercials for mobile games since 2013 and then has also given out a free ad to each user that uses the Android and iOS platforms with the ads in the games themselves. Now, the two companies have come together and have signed a deal and the two companies will start to include ads into the games. According to a recent report by CNET, EA will start to develop commercials for this new service in the next few months. The reports further went onto say that the EA games will be a huge hit with gamers on Android and iOS platforms.

On the other hand, Tencent plans to release its own mobile games which will include both mobile and desktop versions with ads. As per the reports, Tencent is working with EA to make mobile games more attractive to gamers. As per the reports, Tencent is working with EA’s “all-rounder” to make the games more appealing to gamers.

EA and Tencent have been together since the beginning of 2012 and have been producing their games to be enjoyed on both platforms. For instance, in 2012, the two companies had produced Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which was later released for iOS, Android and Apple TV, while its sequel, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, was released on iPhone and iPod touch in 2014.

While the games, as well as the ads have been getting very positive feedback from customers, it does not mean that the ads aren’t becoming popular among gamers. For instance, a recent commercial for the game Need for Speed: Carbon and recently released by EA on Netflix was watched more than 1.

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