Portland Youth Corps Launches Youth Mentoring Program

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Portland, Ore.

The City of Portland, Oregon and Portland Youth Corps have joined forces to create a full-service program for young people ages 12 and 13 from the Portland area.

The Portland Youth Corps, the largest youth mentoring program in the country, is partnering with Portland Mayor Charlie Hales to create a youth mentoring program that will help young people and their families to improve their lives while still maintaining their families’ economic stability and community involvement.

“Oregon youth face significant challenges,” said Portland Youth Corps Executive Director Linda M. McConaghy, a long-time volunteer at the City’s Youth Development Department. “This program will enhance the lives of all Portland youth who come from a variety of backgrounds. It will provide them with an opportunity to continue to learn and grow.

Portland Youth Corps works with Portland’s youth to gain skills, build confidence and overcome barriers to get and keep jobs. By offering youth mentoring support and access to resources, Portland Youth Corps hopes to help young people develop the self-discipline, responsibility, and problem-solving skills that will help them succeed – as they grow. It will also help build relationships and connections that will help young people continue to build the character they need to succeed in their lives.

“Young people of all backgrounds face the same challenges as other Oregonians,” said Portland Youth Corps Chair and Board Member Mike Cone. “Together, we can overcome the obstacles they face so young people can achieve a better quality of life.

Portland Youth Corps works with youth that are enrolled in public or private high schools, as well as public and private middle schools. The program works with high school students to assist them in preparing for college admissions, getting grants, and being ready to enter the workforce. Youth also work with middle school students to get them ready for college as well.

Portland Youth Corps worked with the City’s Youth Development Department to help develop a strategic plan that will be used to implement the Portland Youth Corps program. The Youth Development Department’s Youth Director will provide feedback and suggestions to Portland Youth Corps about the strategic plan and program structure. A community advisory board will also be included in the plan.

Portland Youth Corps works with families to help young people develop the self-discipline, responsibility, and problem-solving skills that will help them succeed – as they grow.

A promotional video about the new Portland Youth Corps reminded Baqer Jalil of his aunt’s farm in Iraq.

Article Title: A promotional video about the new Portland Youth Corps reminded Baqer Jalil of his aunt‘s farm in Iraq | Programming.

“I remember coming back to my hometown and thinking, ‘Whoa,’ you know? Everything was a completely different scene. The place that I grew up, I thought was really awesome, and now we have this. Now that everything has changed that much, I like it. I like the idea of us having to figure out how to give our youth a good life here. Like, you have a youth who are doing all this great work. They have this wonderful job. We’re here to help them make it through. We can help them do that too. That’s why we’re here. That’s why this youth corps is here. That’s why they all started here and that’s how I can really like it too.

“It was kind of based on what the program [at Portland Youth Corps] was like before we started it. Basically it’s about giving a kid an opportunity to get an education and get a job. Like, this is just the type of program that we have that does all those things. We get the guys who are involved here, we take care of the kid, we get the education paid for. It’s just a different type of program.

Portland Youth Corps: ‘Pelican Park’ is located near an Iraqi village.

A new Camp in Portland, Oregon is called Pelican Park. The camp is based on a farm in rural Iraq. As staff at the camp prepare for the upcoming holiday season, we are reminded of all the amazing things that their youth have done in Portland.

And it’s not just about the jobs.

“It’s just the type of program that we have that does all those things.

The Portland Parks Conservancy: Funding the program.

Article Title: The Portland Parks Conservancy: Funding the program | Programming.

The Portland Parks Conservancy (PPK) is proud to announce the ‘Housing Program’ as part of its 2012–2013 budget plan, that allows the City of Portland Parks and Recreation department to continue funding the Housing Support Fund for Housing (HHSF) and the Park and Recreational Services department (PRS) continued funding of the Housing Support Program (HSP).

Housing Support Fund is a program designed to provide funding for housing for low-income renters and first-time home buyers while providing an additional tax break to landlords. The program is part of the annual $11. 6 million that Portland Parks and Recreation receives from Portland State University (PSU), which provides rental assistance to the City of Portland’s low-income residents, and from the city of Beaverton, which provides housing assistance for the low-income population of Beaverton.

In a joint effort with PSU and Beaverton, the City of Portland will continue to provide the $3. 2 million annual funding for the Housing Support Fund, up from the previous $2. 5 million, for this program.

The Housing Support Fund will receive new annual funding of $2 million, up from previous funding of $1 million, for 2014-2015. The Housing Support Fund funding will begin with a $500,000 grant, to be increased to a $1 million grant, in July and will continue annually through 2031.

The Housing Support Fund provides an additional $35,000 in matching fund assistance and a new housing tax break of up to $500 for landlords and $1,000 a year for renters for two years on a property with incomes below 125 percent of the median family income in Portland.

This funding will continue a program called the Housing Support Plan Grant Program, which assists home buyers and renters in the area with the purchase of or qualifying to rent a home. The Housing Support Plan Grant Program provides low-income homebuyers and first-time homebuyers an opportunity to purchase a home without the threat of a foreclosure or eviction.

Related Headlines Portland.

Article Title: Related Headlines Portland | Programming.

When Tim McNeil was nine years old, he was the youngest person ever to hold a lead role in a Hollywood movie, playing a teenager in the first film adaptation of the musical The Sound of Music. Although he remembers being called a “dandy,” he found out later his father, Richard, was far from being a dandy. They were poor, and Richard was unable to go to church, so Tim lived with both of them in a house full of rats and mice. “I was always on drugs,” says Tim, who now lives in Portland, where he works as a software developer. “Drugs and alcohol were the only ways I could do this job.

I had just come off a year working as a full-time freelance writer at a college newspaper. The only option for me to work in journalism was to work part time. I had no idea what I was really doing. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I wrote short stories for college periodicals. I wrote for newspapers, magazines and websites. I published one novel. My writing was good. I had sold three books in 2000. Then the Internet came. I started using the search engine to find out more information. I read everything I could find. In 2003, I sent an email to a good friend who was at a university in the Pacific Northwest. I told her I had a good idea of how to do some journalism. She sent me a check for $200. After that, I wrote what I thought was my first novel, The Book of the Dead Boy: A Story of Growing Up in the Pacific Northwest. It was published in 2004. A second novel was published in 2005. In 2006, I left college and started working at a website, The Atlantic Monthly, as a writer.

At the beginning of the decade, a lot of people in my family were dead. My father was the president of the U. Maritime League. My mother was the first woman to be awarded an honorary doctorate from the university in which she had majored. My brothers, the oldest of whom was killed in the Korean War, were both in the military.

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