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Chris is President of Gibbs and Cox in the Austin, TX area. Chris is in his 30s and still works at his day job in the computer hardware field. He is married to his wonderful wife Karen and has a 14-year old son named Christopher.

The Gibbs and Cox website is a great resource which lists all of the products and services we offer. But the thing that makes us more unique is that we allow our clients to be the “Sellers” of their brand/product. Our clients do not buy their products and services on our website. They are buying from us knowing that their brand/product is a great deal and that we will take care of the details and all the costs.

Chris, it is always a pleasure to meet you.

The Gibbs & Cox story began with a phone call in January of 1993. Tim Hanks, President and CEO, Gibbs & Cox, wanted to create a new product line in the data processing area of the computer hardware market. He had to do it without spending huge amounts of capital, and he needed to do it quickly. It was tough to find a major player at the time who did not already have an existing business in the computer hardware field. Gibbs & Cox was built on a simple business model. We were able to do it because of our customer focus.

We do what our customers want.

We provide our customers with high quality professional solutions, and at the same time, we work with them to create new products that meet their needs. We provide them with the best equipment, services and support. We try to do things the best way possible. With that being said, there are times when our customers do not feel happy with our service. However, it is the customer that controls the company.

We offer our clients the best solutions.

We have over 30 years’ experience in the computer hardware market. Our expertise, knowledge, and resources allow us to offer our customers the best data processing solutions available. As a company, Gibbs & Cox has one goal in its business strategy, and that is to provide the very best solutions to our clients. We feel very strongly about this.

We have good people.

A By the Numbers Look at Gibbs & Cox

I am excited to be interviewed by Chris, and a special thanks to his staff at Gibbs and Cox. Gibbs & Cox is an industry leading business with an impressive network of offices and employees throughout the United States and Canada. Chris was in New York City visiting with associates and friends last month, and was kind enough to speak with me over a casual lunch. His office is in NYC but his staff is also in Austin, Texas (the Austin office is the only office in Texas currently). He was very gracious and we had a great lunch. I hope you enjoy reading about Chris’ story as I wanted to share some things about him that I have learned during my time here. My first question is about his background. I am fortunate that Chris was able to grow up in Atlanta with a father and two brothers who are both electrical engineers. His father, Thomas McGee McGee, was an electrical engineer with the Georgia Power Company; and his brothers, Chris Deegan and Michael McGee, are both electrical engineers. Chris was fortunate to grow up in a very technical family, and he was fortunate to grow up in a technical family. I was in the eighth grade when Chris was born, and I remember his parents buying him a huge assortment of various electrical items and building a “chocolate” box for Chris. When he was a junior high child, Chris visited his middle school class teacher in the science room to discuss some of his projects and was able to pass along some of his knowledge to his teacher. Some of his projects were working on an electric piano and using a laser to create the perfect “sound” when the piano was playing. His science teacher did not think this was a very imaginative thing to do, but when Chris got a copy of this book, “Sci-Fi: An Intuitive Approach to Exploring Science Through Stories”, it was one of the most imaginative things that he had ever read. I also recall that his teacher did not take him to his first class when he was 16, but asked him to help their science class with a biology project. This was a very unusual thing to do with a 16-year-old; Chris has always encouraged that he is a scientist, and has had many friends that are scientists and have been mentored by people that are scientists.

Leidos Acquisition of a Large Unmanned Surface Vessel

The company has had the opportunity to interview Gibbs & Cox VP, President and General Manager, Chris Deegan. Deegan was specifically asked to discuss the success of the acquisition of a large Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), one that was bought for $25,000,000 two months after the USV was constructed. Deegan’s company is a major defense contractor, primarily serving the US Navy (see the article for a discussion of the military procurement process).

Q: Chris, explain the process by which you acquired the USV, and why you decided to purchase it from you or your company.

A: We began our acquisition of the USV with the objective of acquiring a USV for our use to fulfill a contractual agreement that is presently being executed. That contract is for the supply of the USV itself and the replacement vessel that will be supplied later. We also intend to fulfill an initial order of supply for an additional USV for another contract.

A: Yes, Gibbs and Cox, with over 600 vessels, operates and conducts research in an area encompassing the entire length of the world’s navigable oceans. As an American company in the defense industry and owner of the largest fleet of unmanned surface vessels (USVs), we view the opportunity to serve as the first of a fleet consisting of more than 100 vessels and an associated research fleet as an exciting and high-risk venture.

A: It is envisioned that the USV fleet will conduct its research aboard these vessels, in various locations in the world’s oceans. We will primarily be operating this fleet of USVs in support of our naval and military clients, serving the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

A: Overall we are satisfied with Gibbs & Cox’s attitude and their ability to perform the work necessary. Our major customers have, in general, been pleased. On the surface, the news certainly appears to have been received well. The purchase process is relatively straight forward for them, as well.

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