Northwood Intensive Day Treatment Program

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Northwood Intensive Day Treatment Program

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Special Education

This program provides educational, recreational and therapeutic activities for children and youth in all levels of the autistic spectrum.

This curriculum is designed to support children with learning disabilities as well as their parents in their daily activities.

“It is the purpose of the program provided here that the children and their families may become fully informed about all the topics that are covered.

Topics include how families and children with ASD are supported in their daily lives, how children with learning disabilities are supported in their daily lives, how parents and schools support the inclusion of children with learning disabilities, and how the various supports are all integrated to accomplish a common goal, the complete and timely integration of the students’ needs.

This article appeared on page 7 of the Duluth Journal.

The mission of Northwood Rescue, a non-profit organization, is to serve the community’s children with learning disabilities (CDLD) through educational programs in the area’s schools, day-care, and therapeutic settings.

Northwood is a partnership between the Community School and Family Services (C. ) and a non-profit organization. This partnership is managed by the Northwood Family Planning Association and the Duluth Association for the Support of Children with Learning Disabilities.

Northwood Rescue supports schools and provides CDLD families with the information and resources needed to address their needs. The program is developed based on Northwood’s belief that every child deserves a proper academic education for a better future in school.

Pulsifer, MSW, is with the Duluth Community School/Family Services. Cheri received a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with a concentration in Social Work from the University of Minnesota Duluth. Cheri has many years of experience working with adult and student students with learning disabilities.

Miller, MSW, is the school’s Principal. He is a trained Clinical Consultant and Educational Consultant. He has been a School Psychologist, a Speech Language Pathologist, a Psychological Rehabilitative Consultant, a Clinical Assistant in Clinical Psychotherapy, and a Rehabilitation Counselor and Therapist. Miller holds the positions of Assistant Director, Clinical Psychotherapy, and Education Therapist.

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