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HOLY CYBER BIBLE – the first NFT created by our team in “The Cyber Hero’s Journey” collection.

You can find in at opensea.io (A peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs, rare digital items and crypto collectibles.)

Security: 10/10 (MAX)

What is Holy Cyber Bible NFT?

With an NFT, you can now experience the cyber Bible, the Bible encoded on the blockchain, that was released one year ago. That is not a coincidence. Holy Cyber Bible NFT has been created by howcybersecure.com. A platform that enables blockchain users to create, sell and trade the very latest and best cyber technology.

A new NFT blockchain

A new NFT blockchain makes it possible to release a brand new and original cyber Bible with our software. That is one of the reasons why howcybersecure.com has developed a secure system that will not be compromised.

The Bible of this new blockchain is produced by howcybersecure.com. It is the first cyber Bible without any modification or alteration. We take security and privacy very seriously and are committed to ensuring that our blockchain product makes its way safely into the market.

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