An Injunction Requires the DNS Server Quad9 to Block a Pirate Site

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An injunction requiring the DNS resolver Quad9 to block a popular pirate site.

“An injunctive order has been issued against a prominent internet-borne ‘pirate’ site which has blocked access to the source of that site, a court in the Netherlands has ruled. In essence a court order has been issued requiring the DNS server Quad9 to block access to some of the world’s largest pirate sites. The order was issued in connection with the piracy site Torrentz. com, which is located in the Netherlands. The Dutch court ruled that if the site remains blocked, it could have a serious impact on the traffic that the Dutch government can receive from the websites.

The Pirate Bay’s owner Bram Cohen is also involved in his company’s legal battle with Dutch authorities.

Bram Cohen has not been idle in his battle against Dutch law and he’s been involved in it for several years. In fact, Bram Cohen has been trying to do the same for almost two decades. The Dutch government has been trying to stop his company from doing business in the Netherlands for quite some time and it was only in 2010 that the Dutch government finally blocked the company’s access to its online domains.

The Pirate Bay had made its website available with a different domain name than that of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Justice, but it was still blocking the Pirate Bay’s traffic to the domain name. The Dutch government had tried to force Bram Cohen to register with the Ministry of Justice’s domain so it would block the Pirate Bay’s access to Dutch domains. Bram Cohen appealed and he successfully avoided this move. However, he did not escape the fact that the Pirate Bay was operating on his domain name.

This is when Bram Cohen and his company decided the Pirate Bay should be blocked to prevent the site from reaching Dutch ISPs. The Dutch government then sued Bram Cohen and his company to stop them from using the Pirate Bay’s domains. The Dutch government argued that if Bram Cohen was blocking the Pirates’ traffic to his domain name, it would be able to circumvent the law that prevents Internet providers from blacklisting sites.

This was a legal move because they were the ISP that was using the site.

The targeted site of Quad9 Foundation,, appeals to the district court of Hamburg.

The targeted site of Quad9 Foundation,, appeals to the district court of Hamburg.

The latest information I have about this case is that this lawsuit had just been filed two days ago. I have not been able to check the progress of the lawsuit. Even in my opinion though, it was filed in the wrong court, in the wrong district.

In my opinion, the case will probably be moved to the federal court, if that is what the law requires me to say, but we are not sure and for now, I cannot give more information about the case and how the case is progressing. The lawsuit is still under investigation and, therefore, it is not possible to share with you any information about it. If possible, I will write you an email and tell you more about the lawsuit shortly.

I am the attorney for the victim in the case. The name is Dr. Andreas Kocher, and the company is the Quad9 foundation, and it is under the label “Cannabis.

Let me set the record straight regarding the legalities in this case.

The name “Cannabis. ” is a term that is being used in the federal register in Germany like any other name. By using the term “Cannabis” in the Federal Register, a publisher can indicate that they are publishing for the legal market and this market can not be restricted.

I can reveal the names of the two co-authors of this company and their business relationship (since they got involved in this case). If we compare it to what I said to you in the beginning of this post and the paragraph you quoted from my article, I have some information about the case and I have more in my possession. For that reason, I am not ready to reveal the full information, but to state only that the legalities of the case are clear and they have to be resolved soon.

The first company was registered under the name “Andreas Kocher GmbH” and their address is 9,10 Bärenbachstraße 15, Hamburg, 81843.

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