Accenture Middle East CTO Richard Driggers

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As Accenture expands its Global Security Practice into the Middle East, Richard Driggers, CTO of Accenture’s Middle East team, has joined the global cybersecurity team as an executive with an upcoming role as a senior vice president. Rick will work on the multinational cybersecurity function of Accenture’s Asia Pacific region, reporting to Kevin Stetzer, who will serve as the head of the region.

Rick earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University. His professional career began as a staff engineer with Honeywell in South Bend, Indiana, as a member of a team that built an air traffic control tower that prevented the building’s collapse in the event of an attack on the air traffic control system that handles thousands of flights per day. He continued to work at Honeywell after earning his degree in the 1990s.

As a mechanical engineering graduate, Rick joined Honeywell in South Bend, Indiana, where he worked as a systems analyst starting in 1999. In the late 1990s, Rick began working as a member of Honeywell’s Software Engineering team, initially as a systems and application software engineer. For his senior engineering position, Rick was required to serve as the team’s acting project manager. Rick started his professional career in the early 2000s with Honeywell, where he worked on applications in the automotive industry.

Prior to Honeywell, Rick worked for Lockheed Martin. His work at Lockheed Martin included system design and product development efforts related to the Space and Missile Systems Center and Mission Support Systems that supported the global Space Launch System and space-based weapons system.

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services, outsourcing, and information technology services company. Its businesses produce information technology consulting and outsourcing, cloud, security and business services, and software development, and enable digital transformation. The company operates in more than 60 countries and offers a full range of services and products in support of its clients’ information technology strategies and business challenges. For more information about Accenture and the people and organizations that serve clients, please visit www.

Chinese hackers attack US defense and software companies using new SolarWinds Zero-Day in targeted attacks.

Article Title: Chinese hackers attack US defense and software companies using new SolarWinds Zero-Day in targeted attacks | Network Security. Full Article Text: Chinese state-sponsored hackers have launched a series of targeted cyber attacks against several U. software and defense companies targeting a number of key systems including software updates and cloud storage, using information obtained from a zero-day vulnerability discovered by a security researcher that appeared to be targeted against a popular Chinese antivirus tool. This vulnerability, reported by Troy Murshek, a former employee that is now a contractor at security security and penetration testing firm Zero-Day Solutions, was linked to Chinese state-sponsored hackers.

15, 2019, Zero-Day Solutions reported to the U. National Security Agency (NSA) in a letter that a security researcher had found vulnerabilities in a series of Chinese antivirus software products, known as the “Xian Guo” and “Shen Guo” antivirus companies. The vulnerabilities were found in a variant of the Xian Guo antivirus software product and were linked to some of the same Chinese government hackers that had also found vulnerabilities in a version of “MeeGo”.

This is the fourth attack on Xian Guo antivirus since 2010, according to Murshek and the company. The Xian Guo antivirus products, which have a market capitalization of $1. 2 billion, include a firewall that protects against malware in user email and network communications, a desktop security utility that is used by employees to check system security, and a mobile antivirus system used by mobile phone users to protect against mobile phone-based threats, according to the company. Murshek reported the vulnerability to the U. National Security Administration (NSA) on March 16, and it was discovered by a Security Researcher at the University of Maryland in a test performed by the company on March 11.

On March 19, the U. Department of Justice issued a report on the company’s cyber attacks, finding that all four of the attacks against Xian Guo software and antivirus products, in all the incidents, “involved the use of the same Chinese government-sponsored nation-state attack and hacking team … that used the malware as part of their methods to compromise the security of the company’s Xian Guo antivirus software product.

IVIX closes $13M seed funding and releases PRWeb’s technology platform to combat

IVIX’s technology platform is available for enterprise adoption under four new enterprise service agreements. The platform was formally unveiled in March to the public at the IVIX Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, NV. , this week, and has so far secured $9. 5M in financing and $9. 6M in investment to date, according to IVIX’s chief marketing officer, Michael Murphy.

According to the latest round of financing, the $9. 5M round was led by Dain Rauscher Wessels & Co. with $4M led by DRI Ventures and BDC Partners.

6M round was led by DRI Ventures, and included participation by new investors including The New York Times, The New York Times Co. , Vodafone Ventures, and GFI Ventures.

IVIX is a global leader in security, risk, and compliance software for the software, hardware, and Internet of Things (IoT). The software is used in thousands of organizations around the world, including some of the world’s largest banks, public broadcasters, and telecoms. IVIX was the only provider to introduce a new generation of software that provides more comprehensive visibility and alerts to security incidents using only its internal knowledge-base security and cloud technology platform.

IVIX’s technology platform helps organizations achieve visibility that is not only more powerful but also more cost effective than other technologies. The IVIX product portfolio includes IVIAD (a security information and event management platform), IVIX Security+, a cloud analytics platform, and IVIX Software+, which provides comprehensive data and risk analytics, software-defined networks and a secure cloud infrastructure.

IVIX’s technology platform is available for enterprise adoption under four new enterprise service agreements—IVIX Security+, IVIX Security+, Security+, Security+, and IVIX Software+, which are now live and operational. IVIX’s enterprise solutions use its unique cloud infrastructure to create solutions optimized for application security and compliance, and is positioned to address the challenges of modern business. IVIX is the third largest global provider of enterprise security management software, according to the market research firm GlobalData.

IVIX began with the simple idea of protecting corporate data from attacks.

The US indicts a Dark Web user “The Bull” for Insider Trading

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) indictment of an alleged insider trader, identified as “The Bull” of the Silk Road and associated with the anonymous forum “Silk Road Reloaded,” the Russian-based dark web marketplace for illicit goods has opened the door to criminal prosecution of other online participants in the market as well. Not only this, however, but the alleged insider trader is also a member of the US Treasury Department (TOTUS) Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and may be designated for criminal prosecution under the US Foreign Narcotics Law (FNL) in the event that the Department has any evidence that can be used against him. In addition, the alleged insider trader is also a member of the US National Security Council (NSC), the central government agency charged with preventing and investigating the illicit activities of foreign intelligence, which may be required to report these activities to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The Silk Road and its associated dark web marketplace, known as “Silk Road Reloaded” as the indictment reveals, was a tool used by “The Bull” to sell a variety of illicit goods, including narcotics and other drugs, weapons, and other illicit products. In particular, “The Bull” allegedly used the Silk Road Marketplace to trade in narcotics and other drugs, which are illegal under the US Controlled Substances Act. He also allegedly used the marketplace to sell firearms and other illegal guns, as well as other goods, including other illicit drugs and weapons. The “Silk Road Reloaded Marketplace,” according to the indictment, had more than 1. 3 million users, with as many as 2,200 different users from different addresses, making it one of the largest drug markets online, with a market cap of more than $2 billion.

The alleged insider trader, identified as “The Bull” of Silk Road “Reloaded,” the dark web marketplace for illicit goods operated by “The Bull” to sell a variety of illicit goods, including narcotics and other drugs, weapons, and other illicit products.

Tips of the Day in Network Security

As the days grow shorter, it is nice to still be connected to the internet. This is especially true on a site like WordPress where you can rely on an active email and direct connection to a forum, and also get to see what people on the internet are saying. However, some sites, like WordPress, are still slow to update, and for these sites, there are various ways to slow down their speed.

While it is not always possible to fix these problems on the site, there are several things you can do to increase the speed of your site, and even improve the aesthetics of its look. Keep reading to learn about five of them.

The majority of sites, at least the ones I have been on, have a look and feel that resembles the classic web design. Therefore, we end up spending a lot of time on designing and maintaining our sites. The majority of them would have looked better if they had not had to worry about these elements.

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