The SIT Report and The Independent Investigations Group Report – The Public Helps Richland Police

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The following is what is known and believed to have been posted by the suspect “Richland”.

This is the full text of the original report posted on The SIT Report. The original report was posted on December 3, 2013 at 12.

It has been brought to the attention of the community during the past hour that the following report by the SIT Report and The Independent Investigations Group is inaccurate. Please accept this report as a true and authentic representation of what was done to bring attention to this suspected Richland thief.

According to the report, the following persons are the ones being sought by the Seattle police in connection to the Richland theft.

The public helps Richland Police.

Article Title: The public helps Richland Police | Computer Security.

SURPRISE, MI – Richland County Police is currently facing a critical public assistance challenge.

After the death of a female officer-involved shooting at a high school, the city of Richland has the highest rate of deaths in a year for police officers in the state. The chief is investigating the manner of the officer’s death to determine whether or not it was an accident caused by a lack of training or excessive force.

Chief Dan Burt has been conducting a nationwide search for a new police chief for months. He has been told that the best person for the job would be a retired sheriff, a retired fire chief, or a retired county sheriff.

Burt understands that the department is understaffed and under-equipped, as the force has grown from 50 to 53 officers.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, the department did not have enough personnel to handle the call. All of the department’s sworn personnel were on duty at the time, however, and had been for at least two weeks.

That, says Chief Burt, makes them “the least available.

“When you’re understaffed and under-equipped, it takes three, four weeks of nothing to answer a call,” says Chief Burt. With just over half of the force available to respond, he says, there is a “very great possibility” that when the shooting happens, there is no one available to handle the call.

With all the problems, Burt says, the department should go after the people who helped make it happen.

With the chief making a commitment to find a new chief within six months, Richland County Councilmembers are looking to get people who helped make the situation worse. Council members are calling and writing letters, looking online for people that may have helped turn this shooting into something more than a tragedy.

Many of the letters and emails I receive from councilmembers are extremely sad and a little sarcastic, expressing regret that some of the public may have contributed to the problem, but adding the word “they”.

Thermo theft suspect vehicle (RPD).

Article Title: Thermo theft suspect vehicle (RPD) | Computer Security.

computer network through an employee’s laptop in his car.

used by several departments of the public safety.

primary data repository for Police and Sheriff’s Departments.

stolen from the Intranet mainframe at around 1:15 a.

As such, the computer system was a single point of failure.

arriving at the computer system, the suspect was confronted by Lt.

Rohrbaugh, the officer in charge of the computer system.

arrested by police for driving an abandoned vehicle at 3:30 a.

was taking place at the computer facility.

computer network.

remote desktop connection to access the Intranet network.

arrival at the Intranet network, the suspect was confronted by Lt.

accessing the network to steal data for a criminal investigation.

Tipping to the Richland police: “It’s been busy lately!”

To the editor: [A]n anonymous article in the News Leader on November 7, 2008, has stated that the “wealthiest people in the area” have no problem tipping over more than $30,000 to the police to “clean up their neighbourhood. ” This may be true but unfortunately the News Leader has become one of those “wealthy” newspapers that only prints the names of people willing to pay for their own publicity.

The article states that the Police department received over $600,000 in tips recently but a review of this information does not support the claim and, more importantly, indicates that the tip-giving may not have been a result of an ongoing or even casual relationship between a police officer and someone wanting to make a difference in their community.

The paper also states that the Police department has been inundated with “volunteer citizens” offering tips, but does not explain how these people came to be volunteers.

We have worked hard, we have sacrificed our time to find a “clean” neighbourhood and now we are being told that we are “fools” because of our effort. To quote the News Leader, “We could do with more,” and so we did.

Finally, the News Leader states that the number of tips they received in October and November was “not as great as those received in October-November of 2007 and we should have paid more attention than we did.

We are now, it seems, being handed so many tips that we must be “fooled” if the News Leader is taking our names and addresses from the tip-givers.

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