The Arts For All Program in Downtown Los Angeles

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The City of Los Angeles is proud to present a special Arts for All event on July 8 and 9. The first-ever festival of the Arts For All program will be held in downtown Los Angeles.

You are invited to come together and celebrate all things artistic. By ‘all things artistic’ we mean the expression of art—and in particular, art-related performances—at L. ’s City Hall on Wednesday July 8 and Thursday July 9, 2014.

Please join us in the Arts For All program. The idea of Arts for All was inspired by a report by the National Endowment for the Arts’ Cultural Industries Program. Art is central to all of our cultural life. So the Arts for All program was created to provide opportunities for artists to participate in, and benefit from, the economic development of their communities.

The program promotes a culture of entrepreneurship through arts activities that strengthen the economic well-being of the region, and also strengthens the local arts economy in the longer term.

City Hall is the home of the Los Angeles City Council, and is the site of all of the city’s major cultural celebrations, from the annual Angel Festival to special events such as the Festival of Los Angeles, the World Music Day and Live Art Show, the International Arts Festival, and the National Portrait Gallery.

The idea of the Arts For All program stems from the fact that the arts have been a critical force in the economic development of Los Angeles. The city has had very robust arts programs, both public and private. To continue their mission as a catalyst for more creative work, the arts have been given broad and broad-based support, from the city and its residents, to the residents and visitors of all of the neighboring municipalities. Arts development projects in all of their forms are funded by the arts council, and their outcomes, from the funding of new artists to the purchase or acquisition of artists, are measured by the city’s fiscal impact. So the arts have created a foundation for jobs and community development.

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