MBZUAI Executive Program Launched in UAE

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(CNET News). – The MBZUAI Executive Program is a joint initiative between MBZUAI and the government of the UAE. The program’s purpose is to strengthen local computer networking capabilities in the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East’s largest economy.

MBZUAI, founded in 2004, was the first Arab country to introduce and commercialize computer networks for the government and the business sector. It has established several regional and international partnerships, such as with the UAE Ministry of Finance, the United Nations Office of Information and Communication Technology, and the Saudi Arabian National Electronics and Communications Authority.

The initiative has also contributed to expanding the education community’s professional computer network capabilities through joint studies with local universities. It works in collaboration with these universities to deliver computer networking training programs to students. MBZUAI also provides assistance to universities providing computer networking and IT programs.

The UAE government has launched the MBZUAI Executive Program in collaboration with an MBZUAI business partner and a private UAE university. The program is intended to attract, develop and equip local computer networking experts in the UAE. The program builds on the strength of the MBZUAI Executive Program’s strategic partnerships and will offer local leaders a platform to help them with their local IT and networking challenges.

“We, the MBZUAI Executive Program, are very excited about the MBZUAI Executive Program that we have launched with the government of the UAE. The MBZUAI Executive Program aims to strengthen local computer networking capabilities in the region, especially in Dubai and the UAE. We believe that the MBZUAI Executive Program will contribute to the development of the UAE society by improving regional network development, enhancing the competitiveness of the country’s IT industry, and facilitating greater access to IT services for the UAE’s growing private sector,” said Dr. Ashraf Al-Jubra, vice president, MBZUAI.

Al-Jubra further said that the MBZUAI Executive Program will help local leaders build technical management skills and to develop leadership capabilities while developing their skills as technical specialists in the UAE IT industry.

The Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) announced a directorate – program.

Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) announced the establishment of the directorate with the purpose of providing research, education and services related to artificial intelligence and data science.

Abstract: The MBZUAI has set up a directorate – program in artificial intelligence (AI) at the Institute of Computer Science and Technology (ISC&T). The directorate will include four scientific divisions: Computational Intelligence (Intelligence Division), Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The Directorate will coordinate and help support the research activities of the Institute’s Research Group on AI (IGA) and its Scientific Groups. The Directorate’s overall goal is to create a new research environment in the field of AI. The Directorate aims to make available to its research researchers a variety of open access research publications, as well as a database for research proposals. In the coming years, the Directorate plans to organize seminars and workshops at the Institute on topics ranging from the new AI and data science, the role of the National Computer Center, the development of software tools, the development of educational material, and the advancement of academic programs of the Institute. The Directorate will also publish a newsletter in each academic year. Other activities on the institute’s website and blogs will be coordinated by the Directorate.

Abstract: The MBZUAI’s directorate – program has announced a new academic program for the advancement of the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The new academic program will be offered as part of the institute’s five-year plan from 2011 to 2016. The program consists of two academic years and three semesters. The two academic years will include three research units and three teaching units. The teaching units will include two senior undergraduate and senior undergraduate-graduate students, one senior master-graduate student, and one senior master-graduate-doctoral student. In each academic year, the program will enroll three, four, five, six, or seven students. Students will be admitted based on academic merit. The program will enroll 30 students and provide a graduate research and teaching base for the institute and students. The institute will host two workshops per academic year. The first workshop will be held on April 3-4, 2011, and the second will be held on April 24-28, 2011.

The UAE's economic growth agenda

The UAE’s economic growth agenda

The UAE has been continuously pursuing its economic growth agenda and is now at the forefront of the region.

The UAE’s economic growth agenda is aimed at becoming a modern-day economic and political leader in the world. The UAE has managed to develop a strong economy, which is led by a modern economy. By combining the resources of the most advanced technology and modern economy with a competitive and modern workforce as well as a well-organized government, the country is in a position to achieve the dream of becoming a world-class economic and political leader.

The UAE is rapidly transforming into a technologically advanced country and is striving to join the top ranks among other nations in its field. The UAE is currently the second fastest-growing economy in the Gulf and has been consistently recording positive economic growth rates over the past decade.

In a modern economy, everything is connected, including the quality of life and the economic growth of its citizens.

The UAE was established in 1971 and it has continuously made significant strides in the modern economy. In the past decade, the UAE has managed to upgrade the quality of life and develop a modern and technologically advanced economy. To become a modern-day economic and political leader, the UAE must continue to continuously pursue policies to develop its country’s modern economic growth agenda and it has already achieved this goal in the past decade.

• Develop a modern industrial base (The UAE’s industrial base is currently highly competitive and it is in a strong position to meet the demand of the future. Therefore, it is necessary to continue the current growth agenda and to invest in order to achieve further economic success.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Executives

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Executives

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to help businesses and developers work more efficiently. Whether it’s helping them to identify patterns in their databases or in-streamizing data analytics, AI can make the process more efficient – whether it’s in the short term, or in the long term. However, AI technologies are still in their infancy and there is an absence of information about the potential that they hold for business purposes. The current article provides an overview of the state of current AI applications and the reasons why they are useful in business. It also presents some of the challenges that AI’s potential has for business.

AI in the context of software is most often associated with software development and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to improve software code, data analysis, and even business performance. At this time AI is considered a broad category of computer science, ranging from the study of algorithms and computer structures to the practical application of AI to business.

In the context of business computing, AI is applied in its most general sense to solve the problems of business operations such as information processing, decision making, and the monitoring of a business environment. In the context of business operations, AI is used for a number of practical purposes such as improving information analysis, analyzing and displaying information on the web to a user, and so on. This article describes the current state of existing AI applications and the challenges they face in practice. It also presents some of the use cases and applications that are currently possible with AI in business.

Artificial Intelligence refers to the field of intelligent machines that are designed to imitate the human mind as closely as possible. Intelligent machines, similar in nature to human brains, are usually programmed to perform a task as part of the machine learning process. In that way, machines are trained to learn from experiences.

Artificial Intelligence has been defined before in different ways depending on context, but it is in the context of AI that it is most often referred to. However, it can be further described as the application of AI in business where one distinguishes it from the study of algorithms and the study of computer structures.

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