Getting Guns Away From At-Risk Youth

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We’ve all been there: someone who takes away a gun, and suddenly everyone thinks you’re an idiot. The National Rifle Association has some ideas on how to make sure this never happens to you or someone you love.

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“I’ve got a gun,” said a visibly upset and confused youth at the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association National Conference. On December 5, I sat down with 17-year old Zachary Lee, the only kid at the conference to have a Glock in his school, for a one-on-one conversation about the issue. “I’m a good shot, but I see it everywhere.

I had seen something similar in the media in late 2015. In this case, Zachary’s father, an officer, had come to their home to find him with a gun.

“My mom got into a fight with friends and she went to get him,” said Zachary, now 20. “She saw me and saw that he had a gun.

And it all started with the girl he had been chatting with, who happened to be a girl.

Zachary started in elementary school in 2011, after becoming friends with a friend from church. He says he was an average student, but his father, a former police officer with the Richmond Police Department, got him interested in the family business.

“I always wanted to be a police officer,” he said. “I thought this would bring me into the family business.

Zachary says that after he started school in 2013, things started to get out of control. He was in trouble more often than he was in school, he says, which caused him to stay home more often.

“I was really scared,” he said. “It was just like, ‘What’s going to happen?’ It was hard.

He says he was trying to cope with the things that were happening at school; it was just that things started to get out of control around 2014. “It was the beginning of this idea that it’s the end of the world and everything is going to be OK because everything is going to come to an end eventually,” he said. “Everything is gonna be over.

After a year in junior high, Zachary says he realized he couldn’t continue to stay at home.

Getting guns away from at-risk teens through a grant-funded program

Summary: Program staff develop a comprehensive plan to reduce the amount of guns in the hands of high-risk youth through an innovative grant project. The project uses a grant fund to fund a program that educates community leaders about guns and gun violence. Program participants work with staff in three communities to implement the plan in those communities. The program is expected to reduce the number of guns in youth’s hands and their likelihood to use guns in the future.

The Project is being developed by staff at the Office of Research & Development at the Georgia State University. The Office of Research & Development works with grant funds to conduct innovative research projects to address important public health issues facing Georgia. The Grant Funds come from the Georgia Department of Health and from the Georgia Department of Administrative Services.

It is our commitment to research excellence and to the prevention of gun violence that will drive our successful project. These proposals would benefit all of us who work to prevent gun violence and will provide needed research to protect our citizens from crime and violence.

For over-agencies, after school activities are available.

For over-agencies, after school activities are available.

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