Tropical Storm Elsa Impacts for NE Florida and SE Georgia

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Tropical storm Elsa in Jacksonville, Fla.

Article Title: Tropical storm Elsa in Jacksonville, Fla | Programming.

ELSA Impacts for NE Florida and SE Georgia

Environmental Protection Agency has been providing technical input and analysis on the effects of the 2012 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in two major oil spill regions: the Gulf of Mexico and the coastal waters of Florida and Georgia. However, the impacts of the oil spill on water bodies are complex. The main impacts are on coastal waters because the spill was carried out in these waters and because there are currently no effective protections or remediation efforts in these waters to restore the natural state. A new study by an EPA team has been published with the U. EPA’s Region 5 and Southwest Florida chapter offices. The study found that for the Gulf of Mexico, the most likely impacts by the spill are on the oyster reefs and beaches in the Gulf area. In Georgia and Florida, impacts are on estuarine systems such as the Everglades and the Gulf of Mexico. This study by the EPA has been developed by the Southeast Regional Assessment Team (SE RAT) consisting of the regional staffs of the U. EPA’s Region 1, 2, 5 and Southwest Florida chapter offices, as part of their role in assessing the severity of the water quality impacts of the spill. The SE RAT team was formed by the region’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Analysis (OEHHA) and the Region 5 and Southwest Florida chapter offices to work on the SE Gulf RAT assessment and its related study. The study is being done in cooperation with The Florida Coastal Research Institute. The study also has been done by other EPA groups, but has not been made available by the EPA. This article contains information about the study’s scope, design, and methods as well as an overview of the impacts of the oil spill. It also describes the impact assessment model used and discusses lessons learned. The article also has an introduction on water borne oil and oil spills to illustrate the types of environmental impacts that the oil spill has caused. The article concludes with how the impacts and possible solutions for the spill’s effects differ between coastal and inland waters.

Elsa is Florida’s fifth named Storm.

Article Title: Elsa is Florida’s fifth named Storm | Programming.

“A lot of the people I’ve met since starting this show are people I grew up with, they are the ones who have never been part of the WWE Universe before,” former NFL star and WWE Hall of Famer Troy Aikman told The Beat. “They are the people that are into the wrestling. They are the people they grew up with.

“Now people want to get to know me, now I want to get to know them. It’s such a cool thing to have so many different people across the country that I grew up with. I don’t know them. I can’t even imagine meeting all of them in real life. But it’s really cool to get to meet them in the ring.

Aikman, now in his ninth decade in the world of professional sports, is one of many former WWE stars who is on board with WWE’s promotion. He also told The Beat he’s been a long-time WWE fan since childhood watching the “NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Aikman said he’s always wanted to be in the ring with Hulk Hogan, which occurred in 1984 when he was invited to the WrestleMania IV at the Alamodome in Las Vegas.

“I had a lot of time to think about it. I was like, ‘OK, you know what? Let’s do it,’ ” Aikman recalled. “I don’t know what I would have done if I was there. But, it was a great opportunity for me.

When asked to compare Hogan to his friend and fellow WWE icon Mickie James, Aikman said, “Mickie has this big personality. But he’s a good person, too. He’s a good person. He’s a great friend, a great friend. He’s just a great person.

“He had everything and nobody. And now after all these years, I’m still friends with him. But I’ve never been his friend to just get that hype out of the way, and I’ve never done anything to try to get to know him.

Aikman’s wife, Stephanie McMahon, is also on board with the promotion and said he has already told her about his new project.

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