Tesla’s “Recall”

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Tesla Motors, Inc. , which is based in Fremont, California, is getting sued by the attorneys for the State of California.
The San Francisco Superior Court is seeking to prevent Tesla Motors from implementing changes that would potentially reduce the speed of Tesla’s Model S electric vehicle Superior Court is seeking to prevent Tesla Motors from implementing changes that would potentially reduce the speed of Tesla’s Model S electric vehicles.
We are not surprised, as this is what happened when the federal government took over in 2008. The people who were making the cars had to make the changes and go find someone else to make the changes for them. They just have to be pretty sure that no one else is doing it. They can do it, but they need to be really, really sure that they aren’t going to be found at fault.
In these kinds of lawsuits no one can be found to be the bad guy in this whole affair. The only people involved are the ones who are being sued. And they, the people who are being sued, are all the ones making the cars and the ones who are using them. They can’t be found liable, because they are all the ones making them and using them.
It is not that difficult to figure out who the bad guy is – it’s just that it takes a long time before people are able to do this, and it takes a really long time before they are able to find someone to be the bad guy.
Tesla is going to have to get off this whole thing unless a bunch of lawyers are able to work off of this lawsuit. All of this will happen, because if Tesla can’t be found liable, then it has to be determined who the bad guy is.
If it were only up to one person it would be Elon Musk. He is the only one who can be sued. However, this is not the case. All of the directors, officers, shareholders, and employees of Tesla Motors are being sued by the State of California.
Tesla Motors, Inc. filed a lawsuit on July 9 in San Francisco Superior Court against the State of California Department of Transportation for a violation of California Vehicle Code Section 4140, the Unlawful Car-Hauling Statute.
The complaint alleges that since 2008, Tesla has sold its electric cars not on the basis of their own merits and financial viability, but simply on the basis of an “unlawful car-hauling” scheme known as “car-hauling” that violates the California Vehicle Code.

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There could be over 10,000 Tesla owners affected by the update in Norway alone, which could make the fine quite costly for the automaker but perhaps more importantly it could also set the tone for several other similar lawsuits, including one in the US. Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast.
The following guest article from a popular, award-winning science and engineering news source was posted on March 1, 2018.
One of the most important breakthroughs of the new century is the discovery that you can turn air into liquid by spraying it with water. It is the culmination of centuries of science and technology development by the pioneering figure of the present author, a German Nobel laureate and the first to prove the feasibility of the revolutionary idea which is now part of the very fabric of our lives.
The new technology relies on liquid water, a phenomenon which was previously undetectable. The water vaporizes when it hits air, and it is the air molecules that make it possible for it to produce water when they react with hydrogen from the air.
Many people believed that the air vapor from a car tire or in a windrow on a roadside would not make sufficient water to produce the water needed. As we now fully understand, this is simply not the case.
The invention was made by Fritz Haber but it was a collaboration between the German physicist Richard Feynman and the Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli.
Haber and Pauli had previously established the existence of the hydrogen molecule by the pioneering work of the German physicist Max Planck in the early 1920s. Together they had established the fact that the first spontaneous reaction of the hydrogen molecule to the air was the production of water.
By 1922, they had the technology to achieve the feat.
The reaction works by creating an energy state in which the two atoms, H and H+, are separated and it is the H atom that absorbs the energy (which comes from vibrating the nucleus of the H atom).
The resulting high-energy state of the H atom is a high-energy state of the molecule which we may call the H-H energy state. The H atom is now in the ground state. It is in this state that the two hydrogen atoms are joined by a hydrogen bond.
The vibration of the H atom is now transferred to the H+ atom, and the H+ atom absorbs the low-energy states of the H atom. The vibration of the H atom is now transferred to an excited state of the H+ atom which becomes a vibrational-excited state.

The unfortunate case of a five-year-old boy and his family

Because of his quick response and the heroic efforts of the fire crews, five adults and two children are safe, and thankfully, nobody was injured. This could have been a very different story if it had happened overnight. It is estimated that it may take six months before they can return home, as major water damage will be repaire before they can return home, as major water damage will be repaired. At the end of the day, but possessions can be replaced, lives can’t ; he is happy and feels lucky to be safe with his family while still with friends. We reached out to GM and they confirmed they are investigating, but that vehicle has not yet been released. This isn’t unusual – depending on the insurance involved it can take several weeks to a few months. So no official details are available – this article is based on what the owner told us. The owner had not yet been directly contacted by GM. After checking with the owner that it was ok, we provided his name and address and his phone number to GM – it was not clear if GM had already had this. We then confirmed that GM later that day did contact him.
Five year-old Daniel and his family are in an orphanage with no family to care for his well being. He has been in the orphanage since he was 3 months old. The orphanage is run by the Russian government and the children at the orphanage are called “orphan” within their own language and also in Russian. To make matters even worse, the orphanage houses about 40 children at a time, each of whom is living in isolation, most of them with only a single caregiver living with them. The orphanage has no food or water but they have no medical facilities either because they are all healthy and well-fed.
According to reports from the orphanage’s website, the orphanage is the largest of its kind in the world that is run by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who is an agency of Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. The orphanage has no medical facilities other than feeding them with rice and canned food. Despite being run by the government, the orphanage’s management are all volunteer. Some of the children are paid for their time; however, they are not allowed to take money away from these orphanage’s children.
What is it like to live in an orphanage?.
I was born in Russia and raised in the orphanage. The orphanage was located in the middle of the desert, right where the sun was least powerful. It was very rocky. There were not many places to rest and even if there were, the air was cold and it was hard to work. I was a very happy boy growing up in the orphanage.
I was always happy to see the clouds and the birds outside. I liked birds because they were nice. The biggest problem of the orphanage was that they would hide the children, so that we could not see them. So we would walk around in the dark, listening and seeing them.

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