Stormgain: The First Cryptocurrency Exchange in South Korea

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With what seems like every major cryptocurrency in the market making a move forward or coming forward with innovative new features, Stormgain has been making headlines throughout 2018. With a team of industry veterans with a proven track record of success, Stormgain has been an active player in the market through the years as well. During the course of the year, we will dive deeper into the foundation that has been put in place to ensure that Stormgain will be where the industry is going in the years to come.

At the beginning of 2018, we were the first company outside of the Korean Development Bureau (KDB) of South Korea to successfully launch a cryptocurrency exchange in the US. We did this in partnership with a Korean exchange, Storms-Exchange, and a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, CEX. We were the first company to participate in a cross-border exchange in the United States, and, at the same time, the first cryptocurrency exchange inside Korea that was not only based on Korean operating systems, but also had fully developed security systems, with the help of the Korean Department of Economic Affairs.

We started our exchange service in July 2017 as the first Korean cryptocurrency exchange to be successful, and we have since maintained our position as the only cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea that operated independently from Korea’s state-run banking system. We have not only managed to operate our exchange independently, but we have also gained a large network of users who trust us and trust the security, usability and functionality of our exchange.

Over the last year that the Korean cryptocurrency exchange industry has experienced great growth, there have been constant rumors about many of the exchange service providers being shut down or replaced by other companies. Therefore, we decided that we needed to step in and be the first cryptocurrency exchange inside the country to be able to offer a user base that truly believes in the service. Our exchange is built upon the vision of our founder and CEO, Song-Hyun, who is a seasoned marketer and technology investor.

This is our first step beyond what has been in place over the past few years. We have launched a cryptocurrency exchange that is truly Korean and Korean independent. We launched our exchange as quickly as possible, without spending any of our own money.

Introducing StormGain: An All-in-One Crypto Platform

Welcome to StormGain, an innovative crypto trading platform that will empower anyone to trade on the market on its token! StormGain is designed to be integrated with your wallet and provides a safe, simple, and easy way to exchange crypto on the blockchain quickly, with no fees; with no account creation, no registration or account verification. All you need to do is trade and buy! StormGain is a digital wallet that provides the infrastructure to enable your cryptocurrency to run through the StormGain token system. If you would like to purchase your own tokens, we have a great offer for purchasing StormGain token on our marketplace; you can make your own coins using our built-in wallets. StormGain has a unique, innovative approach to the cryptocurrency exchange market. Our platform is designed to remove the barriers to entry, and provides a simplified and safe way for anyone to participate in the cryptocurrency market quickly, with no fees; with no account creation, no registration or account verification. StormGain has the ability to be used by both investors and traders to easily trade against other currencies. StormGain is designed with a transparent and secure implementation, and has been developed and supported by a team of experienced developers. StormGain will allow anyone to make trading and portfolio management on cryptocurrency using a simple to use and robust feature set. StormGain’s market price is based entirely on historical data; and the platform has proven to be highly accurate and has no issues with any errors or price volatility on any given day. We are here to help everyone. Join StormGain and make your voice heard in a fast growing cryptocurrency exchange.

StormGain: A Cryptocurrency Platform

StormGain is a cryptocurrency platform based on Ethereum. It is a marketplace for buying, selling, exchanging, storing and trading assets. More specifically, it is a marketplace built on top of the NEO blockchain.

StormGain is a blockchain based digital currency marketplace platform. The platform will be built on Ethereum platform, where all the transaction related operations are being executed. StormGain platform provides an ability for users to buy and sell anything on the platform.

The StormGain ICO was launched on March 2, 2017 and raised $13 million from 7,000 investors. It was fully funded on August 5, 2017 and has become the first digital currency platform to receive a million dollar investment. The StormGain platform aims to develop a blockchain-based, decentralized, peer-to-peer payments and exchange platform.

The StormGain platform will be built on the NEO blockchain. It will have a platform to manage the assets for buyers and sellers in the Ethereum blockchain and NEO blockchain. The StormGain platform will have a decentralized exchange (DEX) to process all the transfers between two NEO blockchain in just a few seconds. The NEO Blockchain will use the NEO ID and the NEO ID will be the identity of the user. The NEO blockchain allows users to buy, sell, buy cryptocurrency and get other coins on it. The StormGain exchange will have a price and conversion rate that allow people to buy and sell cryptocurrency with a relatively faster and easy way.

The StormGain exchange will integrate the NEO ID and have a NEO ID, which will be the identity of the user who are the buyer is and seller is. The StormGain exchange will also be accessible to other cryptocurrencies that are in NEO blockchain, and can process the NEO ID for the cryptocurrency. The StormGain exchange is designed to be faster, easier and safer than others out there.

The StormGain marketplace will be designed to be a marketplace for the users to buy and sell assets. The platform will have a large number of asset types which will include, tokens, tokens related, other tokens, commodities, fiat-denominated assets, assets related to finance and other such as that.

All-in-One Crypto Platform

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