Sony Announces Acquisition of Nixxes Software

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A number of readers have asked about the “how” of the deal and whether the company is buying out the assets of their former software company, Nixxes Software. We thought it best to take a closer look at this question.

“Nixxes was a well known and respected leader in the software industry in the early 2000s. ” said a company spokesperson on the acquisition.

“It did have a large manufacturing base in the US, but its software business, now a wholly owned subsidiary, has been around for a long time and is well established. It is the largest in its niche. After all this time, it continues to be a big company and has some real estate to protect from external competition. You’ll see a lot of its assets are in the US, including its facilities and employees in Austin-Bergstrom. As you can imagine, its software business is important to the global software industry.

Nixxes Software (NASDAQ: NIXX) is a software company that has software products in the form of a variety of business software, middleware software, and application server products. Its products include a suite of products that allow companies to build applications that allow them to manage their enterprise in real time. Some of these products include WorkMail, a mail exchange that provides real-time document sharing; Exim, a platform for building and exchanging email; and Qsoft, a tool for business intelligence and process automation.

The deal was announced Feb. 18, 2013, and is expected to close in the fall 2015. Once the acquisition is complete, Nixxes’ existing customers will be transitioned into a new line of products, and existing products will be discontinued.

Nixxes has been a software company for many years. Its software products and software development have been used in diverse industries such as medicine, transportation, insurance, and education. Many of the companies that rely on Nixxes are large, having grown in size from around 40,000 employees in a pre-recession economy in the early 2000s to more than 2. 3 million in 2011. The company also has manufacturing bases around the world, most notably in Asia.

Sony Announces Acquisition of Nixxes Software

Sony has purchased Nixxes Software, a cloud-based software and video entertainment solution company, for about $4. The deal is expected to be complete by April 2020, according to industry observers. The full terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

In its announcement, the company said that Sony had been working with Nixxes, which has a worldwide sales organization in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, for more than 15 years. With this acquisition, Sony also took a major step toward its goal of developing a software and content-delivery capability for its own digital entertainment products.

Nixxes has been developing technology and product to drive the next generation in content and entertainment delivery, said Sony.

“Nixxes has a significant presence within the entertainment industry, so we can anticipate the future of the company’s portfolio in the future,” said John Thain, president and chief operating officer of Sony Pictures Entertainment, in a statement. “The future of this type of technology and content is to be delivered over the Internet and not on a physical device. That’s where we see our future going. It will enhance our products in an innovative, creative and user-friendly way. We believe Nixxes will be the leader in the next generation of product, and we’ll be leveraging the company’s expertise to ensure its future success.

Since its founding in 1999, Nixxes has been working the entertainment industry and its customers. The company is especially known for its video streaming capabilities.

“Nixxes is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact on the entertainment industry,” said Jason Blom, senior vice president of Sony’s worldwide production and entertainment group. “We are thrilled to welcome Nixxes to Sony and to work together with one of the industry’s most innovative companies.

While Nixxes will remain owned by Sony, the company will continue to operate “as a separate business unit within Sony and will have a separate board of directors and executive management team,” the company said in its statement.

The company will be managed from the Sony-owned studio in Culver City, California. Sony will retain “all its intellectual property and trademarks,” it said.

PlayStation Studios Adds Nixxes Software

Sony is acquiring the Nixxes Software team for an undisclosed amount. Nixxes Software, a team made up of developers in Germany and the UK, will continue development on their current titles. They will join SCEA’s development staff with SCEA having invested in the team through the SCEA-Sony agreement.

Nixxes Software, a team made up of developers in Germany and the UK, will continue development on their current titles. They will join SCEA’s development staff with SCEA having invested in the team through the SCEA-Sony agreement.

Sony’s acquisition of Nixxes Software for an undisclosed amount will allow the game studio to expand and develop an exclusive game that will play in PlayStation’s new lineup of games. They will help SCEA expand by taking advantage of more and more of the PlayStation’s hardware and software capabilities. Also, the new software will give SCEA access to PSOne’s graphical capabilities and enable them to take advantage of PlayStation Network.

The acquisition of Nixxes Software completes the SCEA-Sony development partnership between Sony Computer Entertainment and SCEA. Sony and Nixxes Software will expand on developing titles for Sony’s PlayStation platforms, including PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. SCEA will take advantage of Sony’s new hardware and software to grow their games business, and PlayStation Network will become a vital channel to distribute their titles in a timely fashion.

Nixxes Software has developed titles for consoles as well as PC, and will be joining the company’s development staff on PlayStation 4. Their games will be developed by the Nixxes Software staff for the PlayStation 4 console, which will take advantage of the hardware and graphics capabilities it will have in the upcoming PS4 games. The software will be free to download in the PS4 to give SCEA an advantage in the launch of their PlayStation Network games. They will also contribute to Sony’s PS4 product roadmap, and will be working on the games for PS4 throughout the entire development time. They will also take advantage of PlayStation Network to distribute their titles in a timely fashion on PlayStation 4.

For years, Sony has been working on the PlayStation Network, and had high hopes for how it would be used.

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