Fargo – Power Outage During the Northwest Heat Wave

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Power Outage During the Northwest Heat Wave

FARGO- The heat wave has impacted the Northwest with temperatures in the mid to high 90s, humidity in the mid to low 90s. If you are outside and not wearing a hat, please stay inside in air conditioned houses, cars and offices as temperatures have reached the high 90s and it’s not safe to venture out.
HOPE: There is a chance of a record of 88 this weekend in the Northwest, but we don’t think it will happen as temperatures are expected to average 89-90 for the rest of the summer weekend-Thursday and Friday. If you are planning to venture out, please do so in air conditioned places, close to a pool or a Jacuzzi, do not drive during a heat wave.
HOTELS: If you are staying at one of the 4-star hotels in the area, please call the hotel if you have concerns about heat, extreme humidity or other factors. You can also find a link to additional information at their website www. com/hotelinfo-services. Please make sure that you check the website before you plan your next location.
The heat is expected to be the key to the success of the Northwest Outdoor Film Festival, which will be held Aug. 21-23 in Fargo at the River Falls Fairgrounds. To get the scoop on the festival, go to www.
The heat wave is expected to be partly responsible for the cancellation of this years annual American Legion Post 43 in Farg in Fargo. The Post, which is based in Frisco and is the largest Legion Post in the nation, will host the American Legion Convention at the fairgrounds on the weekend of Aug. The Post expects the outdoor convention to be one of its busiest weekends in Fargo with about 40,000 attendees.
The convention will focus on events and activities related to the Legion, including an American Legion Post 43 auction and an American Legion Post 43 concert, along with a Legion Board of Directors meetin auction and an American Legion Post 43 concert, along with a Legion Board of Directors meeting. Events and activities hosted by the Post include the American Legion Post 43 concert, Legion members and guests eating at the Post 43 Legion Hall, Legion merchandise sales, and a free American Legion Post 43 photo exhibit in the Legion Post 43 auditorium.

The FTC’s Role in Protecting Hawaii’s Consumer Laws

The FTC has stood alongside Hawaii’s Consumer Protection agencies to protect the public against false and predatory practices, said Attorney General Connors. “This partnership has helped Hawaii use its resources more effectively to protect its consumers, and the passage of the Consumer Protection and Recovery Act will allow the collaboration to continue. The FTC historically has played a key role in obtaining restitution for consumers from violators of consumer laws,” said OCP executive director Stephen Levins. “Congress needs to act as soon as possible to restore its authority to do so. For 40 years, the FTC was able to get equitable monetary relief by suing wrongdoers in the district court. In fact, the FTC successfully recovered more than $11 in the last five years alone. Insolvency for consumers – 2 billion in refunds through court actions. But all this changed with the Supreme Court’s April 2021 decision in AMG Capital Management, LLC et al. Federal Trade Commission, which limited the FTC’s ability to recover money for injured consumers.

Hanauma Bay: An example of how we can better manage natural resources when we recover from the pandemic

The city has tried to improve management of the bay since it reopened, including limiting the entry to 720 people per day and launching a ticketing and online reservation system. “Hanauma Bay is uniquely positioned to be an example of how we can better manage our natural resources when we recover from the pandemic,” said Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation Director Laura H.
Photo by Tomohiro Shimizu/Shutterstock.
Hanauma Bay is one large, flat, and beautiful barrier reef in the Pacific Ocean. With more than 500 square kilometers, it is one of the largest open-ocean marine protected areas in the world. It’s not surprising, then, that it’s the site of a thriving marine ecology. It’s also a place that holds a fascinating history, and one of the only places where you can see underwater archaeology.
There is also a unique natural phenomenon in Hanauma Bay: the “honeybee population. ” Unlike most other bees, the Hanauma Bay honeybees are capable of a sustained self-defense against all forms of predation. This is true even when they are attacked by birds, which is why they are not abundant in the park.
For a couple of years, researchers were curious about the colonies and their honeybees, and tried to find them. A couple of years ago, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a video of their quest for the elusive bee colony that was found in a deep, saltwater channel off the coast of Hanauma Bay.
This is a big deal. If you don’t know, “deep water” is a place where the ocean meets the beach. Since the Hanauma Bay saltwater channel is hundreds of meters deep, it has no surf, and therefore no place to collect any surfable material. As you can see in the video, the team had to dive to a depth of 1,200 meters to get the first glimpse of the colony.
Once they found the honeybees, the team spent three years trying to figure out how they make this amazing array of bees. Turns out, they’re all the same size. Their body shape and proportions are identical to that of a single human being. And the most important difference is that their abdomen is covered in bees’ honeybee honey.
The team also discovered that the honeybees were attracted to a chemical that is similar to the human hallucinogen methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA).

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