The City of New Orleans Observes a User With the Wrong Credentials

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The City of New Orleans noticed a user with the wrong credentials trying to access our data center

We immediately identified this user and removed the access, and notified them that they will need to provide a new user name and password.
When this user attempted to make another request to the data center they were redirected to our web service to verify that they indeed did have the proper account name and password. The user was unable to correct their incorrect credentials.
On behalf of the City of New Orleans and our agency clients, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and ask for your patience as we work to resolve this matte this may have caused and ask for your patience as we work to resolve this matter.
The City of New Orleans is aware of a situation where an individual attempted to create a temporary user account on our data center. We immediately notified the user that their temporary user account could not function, along with the ability to correct their incorrect credentials.
We will do our best to resolve this issue so that the temporary user account will function properly. We apologize for any inconvenience.
The City of New Orleans will take steps to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.
We ask for any and all information about this incident, including any additional information that may not have been covered above, to be submitted to our office at 706-673-6498 or to your New Orleans City Hall representative.
[UPDATED] We have added some additional language to the notice of the City of New Orleans about how to proceed with the investigation, and any applicable procedures the City of New Orleans should follow that may be required by the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Traffic volumes are expected to increase by the end of the holiday weekend

With travelers eager to hit the road this summer, we expect that nationwide traffic volumes will increase roughly 15 percent over normal this holiday weekend, said Bob Pishue, a transportation analyst at the INRIX analytics company. Drivers around major metro areas must be prepared for significantly more delays. Drivers should remember that many motor home drivers are still getting used to the maneuverability of their new RVs.
A number of high-rise projects are on the fast track to completion, while some other projects, such as the $8 billion redevelopment of the Times Square area, will be delayed for a number of years.
Meanwhile, the city’s plan to increase the tax rate on the wealthy, with a focus on residents paying the highest tax rates, will face opposition from property owners who don’t want to see their homes redeveloped into high-rise office space.
“The biggest winners at the end of this year will be city officials who are willing to spend money on housing and infrastructure for a growing number of New York City residents,” said John Kavanagh, president and CEO of the Real Estate Board of New York, which represents the city’s private development.
The MTA is expected to announce on Tuesday that it will cut its staff at the bottom of its New York City Transit Authority at a cost of $150 million, as the agency tries to restore its finances.
The agency’s board of directors also cut several senior staffers by a total of 30 percent, and will propose to merge its two transit divisions under one executive chairman to save moneers by a total of 30 percent, and will propose to merge its two transit divisions under one executive chairman to save money.
“What we’re going to be looking at is a series of actions that will change our structure,” said Richard Driehaus, a managing director of the MTA, who has served as head of the two transit divisions separately. “We’re going to be looking at that to preserve the integrity of how we work, with the same people who did these changes previously.
The cuts are part of a wider effort by the state to slash spending on public transit. The state has been investing heavily in infrastructure, but it will be less active in trying to increase subway ridership.
Cuomo approved a $2 billion tax hike for the wealthy last year, but the money has helped put the state’s finances in doubt.

Cross-Device Personalization

Personalization is a second divisive topic between the largest enablers and us, their subjects. Adult has access to 11 discrete connected devices ; we clearly need these devices and cross-device personalization makes our experiences better — yet we decry the revelations of super-visitors in our lives — the passing conversation that becomes a string of ads on social media. The unintended turning on of our voice assistants from TV ads, or the whistleblowers of the poor data handling of big tech. With too many examples to count, it is natural to question whether, benefits aside, giving ambient access to tech that “listens” is the personal secure expectation we actually want. For instance, Spotify has announced recently that they may soon recommend music to you based on your mood or what it can perceive from your environment (ie. the social context alone). It could be argued that a entertainment service accepting that much control of the curated experience is in fact too much. That detection is simply more than many signed up for.
Your browser does not support the video tag.
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With Cross-Device personalization, you can personalize even your web experience. Customize your web experience by downloading and installing this cross-device software. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:.
Choose a device (mobile or desktop) for personalization:.
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