CNN Launches Streaming Service CNN+ on June 21

CNN Launches Streaming Service CNN+ on June 21

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CNN launches its streaming service CNN+ on June 21, CNN has announced the launch of a free streaming video service that will cover all the TV programming on its platforms. It will be available to anyone with an Internet-connected TV set and will be offered in English and several languages where available. The service will initially be available as a free preview offering for a limited time. CNN also announced on Tuesday that the number of people using its free streaming service climbed from just over 4 million on May 30 to around 4. 3 million as of Monday afternoon. According to Nielsen, the service has about 13 million users in the United States. The live feed will cover the network’s prime-time programming.

CNN has signed a deal to become the exclusive distributor for the service. In addition to the exclusive distribution agreement, CNN also announced the launch of the CNN+ app on its Android, Apple and Amazon mobile and tablet devices. The app will contain the video library of the service in several languages including Chinese, French, Spanish and Vietnamese. CNN also announced on Tuesday that it has reached an agreement with CBS, the network’s parent company. In addition to CBS, the channel will be available on the CBS apps for iOS, Android, Xbox and Amazon Fire.

The CNN app will be available for free for a limited time starting on June 21 and will be viewable on a variety of devices and platforms. The new app will also allow users to access original content from CNN Studios through both the CNN app and CNN+ app. The app will also enable users to access the CNN channel on demand and to access CNN content in other formats on CNN+ such as the CNN Music app, CNN News and Video and the CNN Interactive series.

“CNN has been a pioneer in the world of video content distribution. We are thrilled to be the exclusive distributor of the new CNN+ service, CNN’s original and exclusive video content. CNN will deliver CNN content to the millions of people who watch the channel in the United States and around the world,” said Jeff Zucker, chairman and CEO, CNN. “We look forward to working with CBS and our partners to bring viewers access to the best of CNN and exciting new ways for them to watch and interact with the channel.

The CNN+ Live News Service.

CNN announced tonight that it will join the growing list of media companies that will provide news and information about the Trump administration as it takes shape. The news network will make daily editions of CNN and CNN Newsroom, CNN International and CNN Business.

After CNN’s news anchors and correspondents broke a story yesterday that Donald Trump was planning to issue a proclamation calling for a border wall to fund his long-promised border security proposal, Trump’s top deputies responded with a statement saying, “As President, he can direct the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to issue a proclamation,” or a Presidential Proclamation, calling for a government-wide emergency to fund the building of a wall along the southern border.

In addition, Donald Trump’s top advisors said they had not been briefed on any plans to impose a border wall on the Mexican border but, the president’s closest advisers, are taking the position they do not expect the President to put a national emergency declaration in place. They are, in contrast, certain that Trump will not seek to put a national emergency on the Mexican border.

There are, or have been, reports that Trump is considering the creation of the Border Wall or a border wall funding proposal on the Mexican border.

After the “border wall” news broke yesterday, it was followed by the usual chorus of Trump campaign surrogates saying that what he had done was “the same thing” as Obama’s border wall. I’m not so sure about that.

Asked about this claim on ABC’s This Week, White House spokesman Matt Lehrich said “that’s not accurate.

CNN’s John King (@JohnKingCNN) | @realDonaldTrump | @POTUS | @MittRomney I’d like to see a wall on the Southern Border, built by Mexico instead of the United States.

A Direct-to-Consumer Streaming Subscription Service for the News Network

A Direct-to-Consumer Streaming Subscription Service for the News Network

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CNN+: Content, Product Development and Business operations.

CNN+: Content, Product Development and Business operations.

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Spread the loveCNN launches its streaming service CNN+ on June 21, CNN has announced the launch of a free streaming video service that will cover all the TV programming on its platforms. It will be available to anyone with an Internet-connected TV set and will be offered in English and several languages where available. The…

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