Autodesk’s Second Quarter Results

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Autodesk Inc. (NYSE: Autodesk; NASDAQ: ADSK), a leading provider of 3D software and design tools, reported lower-than-expected quarterly revenue on Thursday as increased demand for Autodesk software increased its own in-line sales. Sales for the quarter ended in the second quarter were $2. 08 billion, down from $2. 14 billion a year ago. Net income was $27. 1 million or $0. 60 per share for the period, compared to net income of $46. 5 million or $1. 02 per share a year ago. Revenue was $2. 19 billion, up 46% from the prior year period.

The quarterly decline in revenue reflects the timing of Autodesk’s Q2 earnings release, which was due on May 31, 2017. The company’s software and 3D design tools have been on the market for a year, and Autodesk is well positioned to benefit from this new demand for its software.

The quarterly drop in revenue could indicate a challenging quarter for Autodesk. This quarter, the company is expected to report fiscal 2016 results, including quarterly revenues and earnings per share. Although Autodesk is expected to post some solid profits for 2017, it’s also expected to post a relatively down year overall for Autodesk.

“A strong quarter for Autodesk this year is expected as the company continues to launch more products and support its existing customers,” said Thomas D. O’Reilly, Autodesk Chief Executive Officer. “However, as we look forward to FY17, we remain cautious about the continued positive growth we’ve seen in our business.

Autodesk stock fell over 10% to $29. 00/share on Thursday, after the company posted results that missed estimates. Revenue was $2. 04 billion, down from $2. 13 billion year ago. On a forward price to cash basis, Autodesk is now trading at $27.

Autodesk’s second-quartier results

This article is based on a conference presentation by A. Liddell and K. Brown, Autodesk, April 19, 1987, in Orlando, Fla.

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Autodesk hits two Buy Points.

Autodesk hits two Buy Points.

Autodesk Inc, the world’s biggest maker of 3D computer-aided design software, expects to hit two Buy Points soon after the U. Federal Trade Commission announces an antitrust lawsuit it filed against Autodesk in May. The lawsuit, filed in the U. District Court of the Eastern District of Texas, claims Autodesk’s practices – including its recent acquisition of the software maker Autodesk USA – are illegal. The FTC alleged that Autodesk’s acquisition of Autodesk USA was an attempt to force new competitors against Autodesk and to control and limit competition in the 3D design industry. | In the wake of the FTC lawsuit, Autodesk and its CEO, Peter D. Dutton, are now under investigation in the U. and other countries. | And, on the same day that the FTC lawsuit was filed, Autodesk agreed to pay a total settlement of $1. 1 billion to settle its three antitrust cases filed in the U. | The antitrust suit, filed in May, alleges that Autodesk has engaged in anti-competitive behavior by conspiring with its employees, using its former employees to force competitors it did not like to exit their businesses and by refusing to license 3D modeling and 3D design software to competitors who do not use Autodesk’s software. | The lawsuit was filed against Autodesk in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, where it was assigned to U. District Judge Rodney Gilstrap. | The FTC claims that Autodesk engaged in illegal antitrust practices by forcing its subsidiaries, Autodesk USA, Inc. and Autodesk Technical Solutions, Inc. , to merge, by using its former employees to enforce its ‘anti-competitive’ merger agreements with Autodesk and by refusing to license 3D modeling and 3D design software to 3D printing and design firms that do not use Autodesk’s software. | The lawsuit was also sued against Autodesk USA and Autodesk Technical Solutions, Inc.

Is Netflix stock a buy after video streamer earnings?

Is Netflix stock a buy after video streamer earnings?

Netflix Inc. stock price fell, with the company’s earnings on Wednesday night beating expectations, but the stock was down $21. 38, or about 14%, after closing at $944. Investors were looking for more financial information after earnings, though shares were lower at the close. The company reported in earnings that streaming video revenue rose nearly 8% quarter-over-quarter. Netflix’s earnings were $35. 7 million, or 28 cents per share, compared with $35. 6 million, or 28 cents per share, on an adjusted basis. As a reminder, on Tuesday the stock was trading at $1,017, and on Wednesday it closed at $944. 37, a loss of $21. 38, or 14%, after opening at $994. Netflix’s shares fell 24% in 2018 to close at $732. 00, trading at $656. 00 on Thursday afternoon. The biggest fall came for shares of Amazon.

AOL fell more than 18% when shares closed down $13. 7%, after a report that Amazon is close to being acquired by media giant AT&T. The company’s shares fell $12. 4%, to close at $2. A number of analysts have been calling for a takeover by AT&T, as a number of media companies are rumored to be in talks with the company. The company’s shares are down over 40% this year, and a number of analysts have been saying that it’s possible that the company has too much leverage in its own position.

Shares of Amazon. com slipped about 7% after the company updated its earnings in October, as revenue fell short of Wall Street’s expectations. Amazon reported earnings of $3. 04 billion, or $3. 04 per share, compared with $3. 10 billion, or $3. 10 per share, a year earlier. Revenue fell 3. 6% from the previous quarter. Analyst estimates were for revenue of $5. The company is one of the few tech companies that reported a profit in 2018, with the rest of the tech sector posting a profit.

Tips of the Day in Software

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