Gozi Trojan Distributors in Colombia

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The government of Colombia has arrested at least four Gozi Trojan distributors and seized their computers in several localities in the country. The computer experts arrested have been identified as Ivan Sánchez-Viejo, Guillermo Sánchez-Viejo, Jaime Sánchez-Viejo and Alberto Sánchez-Viejo. The Gozi gang is responsible for distributing computer viruses throughout the world. The Gozi group was originally developed by a French company called Gnutella, which is no longer in existence. The Gozi group was reportedly closed down in the year 2000 in France due to the worldwide success of the virus, but was re-opened in 2005.

According to a report by the U. Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT), all four members of the Gozi gang were arrested following a joint effort by the Federal Police (Para de Correos), the Department of Intelligence (DIN) and the Intelligence Department (DIP). All have been officially identified as Gozi distributors. The FBI, the U. National Security Agency, the U. Department of Homeland Security, the American Civil Liberties Union and several international law enforcement agencies have also taken part in the investigation.

The Gozi gang is considered the most sophisticated and dangerous Internet malware group and has been responsible for numerous computer viruses, including the infamous WannaCry ransomware, and the Wiper, a malicious attachment used to spread malicious web content and attachments from the malware. These groups have even threatened to kill the U. president and the Pentagon.

To put it in context, these groups are the same as “Ammunition” of the Internet, which had been a threat for years but had been dormant for the past decade. In a way, these malicious groups were even more successful thanks to the massive amounts of computing power that the computers that could be infected with them had. These threats include the infamous malware that has infected many computers around the globe. The fact that such malware affects so many computers and has the capability to spread over the Internet makes these threats an extremely dangerous group to target.

An alleged cybercriminal in Colombia has been arrested

Colombia’s police are arresting a man suspected of being the head of a drug-trafficking network. According to the police, he is linked to “a criminal organization” that sold drugs in Colombia to its customers. The man, who has been identified as Gozi Traiana Vasquez, 33, was arrested on October 22, for allegedly selling cocaine, cannabis, and methamphetamine, and for allegedly trafficking cocaine, cannabis, and methamphetamine, the Inter-American Court for Human Rights said in a statement on Monday. According to the statement, the accused met regularly with Gozi Vasquez and traveled with him to Colombia, the U. and elsewhere to sell drugs. The Inter-American Court for Human Rights said that as an alleged cocaine dealer, the accused trafficked drugs in Colombia to its customers, to which the accused knew that the customers were Colombian. The police also said that Gozi Vasquez “was known to have close links with the Medellin Cartel and would occasionally travel to Colombia to sell drugs and meet with members of the group. ” The Inter-American Court for Human Rights also said that, according to his personal files, Gozi Vasquez “was involved in a variety of criminal activities that included money laundering, extortion, terrorism and drug trafficking.

On September 15, 2015, Gozi Vasquez was charged by the Colombian Attorney General’s Office with trafficking, and possession of firearms, of cannabis and cocaine. Two months later, on October 2, 2015, Gozi Vasquez was charged with attempting to obtain a firearm in a drug trafficking case. While Gozi Vasquez was arrested in Bogotá, Colombia, on September 15, 2015, an arrest warrant was issued by the Attorney General’s Office for another Colombian individual who was also wanted for trafficking in the United States. The arrest warrant was issued because the other individual had a criminal history and was wanted in the United States for unlawful possession of firearms. The warrant was set to expire on November 20, 2015. A few days after the warrant was issued, on September 23, 2015, the Colombian Attorney General’s Office issued an arrest warrant for Gozi Vasquez.

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